This week was a a crazy week with back to back meetings and work going on.

I thought the week will be kinda “empty” with only my photoshoots, visit to Aeon Clinic and Korean class.
But ended up with more appointments and have to rush from places to places.

Here are some upcoming pieces.

I love this neoprene tube top to death. It comes in Red , Black and White. LOVE the red one the most !


And a keyhole top in dark navy !

Love today’s make up look. The natural make up look done by Yoona Han.


Went for a casual shipping industry event with D as his partner.

Kinda in love with rompers lately and i have been wearing rompers for the past 4 days !

This is an upcoming piece and i love the ruffle sides.

My mom’s OOTD photo taking skill improved alot lol. Quite nice this picture.


Was really happy my Tulle skirts finally arrived because we tried to find matching inner linings with the tulle. The tulles are soft and not rough at all. Love the 3 shades. They just compliment each other ! Tied them up together to look like a bouquet.


D and i are hooked to the Korean drama Pinocchio.


This actor Kim Young Kwang is soooo hot that im gonna melt lol.

I remembered me and 2 other friends were searching for his hmm topless photos while drinking coffee at Coffee Bean 313 Somerset. And we sent to the group chat at hours like 3pm during weekday. You know 3pm is the most sian time at work. Either food coma after lunch or you had a busy 6 hours morning and you still have 3 hours to go before knocking off and also it is the most tiring part of the day. I remembered how his pictures perked everyone in the chatting room and went very chatty and AWAKE after that. Lol Char , Eileen if you are reading you remember ? Lol. Sounds like a pervert but remember having his picture on my home screen and the password pattern was set in a way that it went around his body lol. Ok..that was almost a year back ok..i was single that time. Now i have a bf…no more Kim Young Kwang home screen.

He looks sooo much like Lee Seung Gi when he smiles. So tall so charming..I like “gorilla” style kind of guy. Tall , big , beefy , sporty and tanned. I dont know why but my friends called it “gorilla” style. Cos they are tall and looks big sized.


The story line was really great. I love SBS dramas compared to MBC. Now we are also watching the new drama “Misaeng” on TVN .

Lee Jong Suk is not my kind of guy. Tall but too thin and too fair. Maybe just not suitable for my age. Too young.

These are the 2 lead actors in the drama Pinocchio

Left – Lee Jong Suk

Right – Kim Young Kwang

Which one do you prefer if you have to choose ?


My internet was down for 4 days. Starhub is really….im words to describe.

No wifi from the kitchen onwards and always down. Last few days was down and i had no internet connection for 4 days. Ended up using phone tethering and exceeded my data. Because i need wifi to work ? Went to cafes like starbucks but the wifi there was too slow that i cannot load pictures or even load long emails. So sian.

SMRT was fined for repetitive breakdowns. Why not fine Telcos too ? Tooo many breakdowns this year. From mobile phones to internet. I was thinking of switching to Singtel. I always have to go to D’s house to use the wifi whenever Starhub was down at home or office. Now he is moving to a condo at Telok Blangah. So far from Bishan..what if my internet down again ? 😦

Just received a batch of samples for CNY. Cant wait for Dec and Jan collections ! Lotsa jumpsuits and new designs coming up ! Stay tune !

And some skin care tips to intro in a few days’ time. I have no internet access for 4 days and now i have access to the internet at D’s house , i have so much blogging assignments to do 😦

Be back here again 🙂