This kind of email makes my day.

Imagine going through your inbox and a familiar name popped up and just makes you so excited.


It is a simple message but just brightens up my day.

Nope there was no typo. I called him Oppi instead of Oppa. My way of Aeygo.

Especially this week i have back to back meetings and work.

2014 is coming to an end.

I hope for a better 2015.

So many new plans and changes coming up.

**  is launching on 3rd Dec Wednesday at 9pm !

SALES section was updated with new items too !

I LOVE THIS BUSTIER ALOT ! So much that i kept all colours. LOVE the red one the most actually.

It can be worn tuck in or tuck out. The trumpet skirt too because the flare part is like a mermaid cut.

Both are made of neoprene fabric.


Love this basic top too. Navy and White are my top favourite colours. Love the keyhole twisted front.

This neoprene trumpet skirt goes well with any thing !

FEE_5042 FEE_5045

Another neoprene dress to add on to my wardrobe.

What i like about it again is the flare at the bottom. Gives you an illusion of hour glass figure because of the flare skirting. Favorite colour goes to Black and Cobalt Blue.

Love the look Yoona (make up artist) gave me that day.



For the past few shoots , the make up was done by a Korean make up artist. Many people asked me what is the difference in technique used by a Korean make up artist ? Well , i realised Korean make up artists tend to focus and concentrate on perfecting the skin canvas. Like covering your flaws , freckles , lines etc. This is the Korean style. Creating a good skin and keeping it look natural. I like how the make up makes my skin looks even more radiant.

I went shopping with Yoona that day. Learnt make up tips from her and we shopped for Korean cosmetics !

Her husband is a Singaporean and that is something we have in common – Korean-Singaporean relationship.

Lots to share with each other during our make up session !

Home alone today because i have so much work to do and just finished meetings this whole afternoon.

Great to know more people. It is time to come out of my comfort zone .

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  1. Lisa Pei Pei says:

    Hi Pei Ling! just wanted to drop a note to say “Hi!” and express how much I enjoy reading your blog. Typically I expect fashion bloggers and/or blogshop owners to be flashy and always flaunting their branded stuff. But your blog is so relatable and down to earth 🙂 always a joy to read your blog entries!

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