It is K-beauty time !

Something new in the market for a couple of months already.

HERA UV MIST CUSHION – Ultra Moisture.

It is HERA’s newest formula for Korea’s cold and dry Winter climate.


One thing i love about Korean beauty products is that they are always churning out new formulas , technologies and techniques. They seem to know what the girls want.

Hera have the normal UV Mist Cushion (for normal days) , Long Stay UV Mist Cushion ( for summer ) and now the Ultra Moisture ( for winter ).  Different cushions and formulas for different weather and climate conditions.

Colour of the cover differs from the rest. It is slightly greyish-purple.


I can’t wait to try this which my Korean friend gave me. It costs KRW45,000. Im using Cool Vanilla ( N21).

It is supposed to give you glowy and dewy skin. I am still using my normal pack and can’t wait to use this after finishing the current one. I don’t just open and do a review like that lol. Because once i open it , i will use it.

You know , when you push the cushion  aside ( not only Hera , but other brands as well ) , you will see all the cream at the bottom. So when i keep my cushion , i put on the table upside down so that the cream will flow to the top of the cushion when i open. Some people mistook that BB cushions dry up too fast and abit dry to the skin. But if you were to put it upside down when you keep it  , the cream will flow to the top of the cushion so that when you use it , you will get to squeeze more of the cream out onto the air sponge and it will not be too dry. I can use one refill for 3 months because i use it everyday.

Anyway , here is what the HERA UV MIST Ultra Moisture promises its users.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.18.55 PM

Can’t wait to try this.

I have a total of 3 different types of  BB cushions from Hera. The normal one , summer long stay and ultra moisture. Now that i have a normal and summer long stay one opened , i alternate between these 2 depends on the weather and activities i will be doing that day. If the weather is really hot and i will be under the sun for very long , i will use the Long stay version because it stays on and doesn’t melt. For casual day out , i use the normal UV mist. Weather is kinda dry and rainy these days and i can’t wait to try the Ultra Moisture to see how it is !

Have a good mid week !

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  1. Jean Yeow says:

    btw, u can also flip the sponge over.. just fyi. 😉 learnt this from the korean beauty bloggers~ ^^

  2. Peiling says:

    Gets really messy when tried to flip the sponge and ended up alot of cream were wasted ( sticks to my fingers and around the case ) so flipping it over during storage is a better option

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