This week was a busy week. Meeting new people , meetings to plan for 2015 and also meeting with old friends.

Met up with a sec school friend whom i have not met since we graduated after Olevels 12 years ago.


It was great to catch up with Iris and Sophia who is going back to Korea after her 4 days holiday in SG.


Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel is nice place. A great place for OOTD but don’t know why my bf always focus on the back ground but not me lol. Im always blur in the photos and the back ground is always clear.


I think i need to go on a healthy diet and exercise soon. Will start playing squash at his new place this week onwards.


Weekend was kinda busy helping Oppa to move his things to his new home. Really tired and our weekend was spent shifting things here and there. But it was great to wake up to this view everyday. The habour view was nicer at night. I love sitting in the balcony at night , enjoy the breeze, check my emails and it was very quiet and peaceful. Love it when i opened the room door and was greeted with a beautiful sight every morning and night.


My Sunday was great too. Really honored to have drinks, dinner and talk with a professional baseball player from Seoul LG Twins. He is the pitcher. He came over to SG with his wife for honeymoon and visited the local Korean baseball team in SG. His wife is soo pretty and her figure is sooo good. Her best friend is a K-drama actress and soo pretty. The ambience was really great and enjoyable. Can’t believe we had a long talk and drinks from 1pm all the way till 6pm at Newton Circus and then we went for 2nd round ( dinner ) at a Korean Chinese Restaurant. Bottles of beer and soju from 1pm till 8pm. Now Oppa knocked out and drunk. Sleeping beside me while im blogging here at the study table. Lol.

Just yesterday , we were talking about our future plans. Where to have our wedding and also try to get his PR status. Probably gonna have wedding shoots and ceremony in Busan.
When we talked about our future plans , i don’t feel any fear or uncertainty. It’s unlike my past relationships whereby i felt the uncertainty whether this guy is responsible, reliable and the fear to live together etc.

Anyways , shall talk more about this later.

This week is going to be a tiring week ! Photoshoots and meetings !

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