Shooting at cafes and restaurants again 🙂 It is really a challenge for me to keep finding cafes every month. Quite amazed by myself that i can find cafes almost every week for the past 6 months and i will be shooting in cafes all the way till Jan.
During the shoots, i made friends with some cafe owners, marketing personnels etc. It is really inspiring to hear about their start ups and the difficulty they encountered. There used to be a few cafes in SG. The pioneer ones are located along Dempsey hill and slowly more and more are sprouting out and customers like to move to the latest and newest cafes in town. It is just like the online shop scene in SG. There used to be a few shops only when i first started. I used to shop and buy from the pioneers before i started my own. And as time goes by , more and more online shops started appearing in the market and everything became competitive. Nevertheless, strive on and everyone JIA YOU !

Here’s the pictures of the latest cafe i went to.

Buck Tile St. Cafe is located at 104 Faber Drive .  It is a new kid on the block in the cafe scene.



Can you spot mine on the wall ?



I gulped this whole thing down at a shocking rate. My make up artist was shocked that i finished it in less than 5 bites. Because i was toooooo hungry.


Tiramisu served in cute little clay pots and looks like a pot of “plant” in soil.

This is really a creative idea. Too cute. Thank you for the Tiramisu on the house !



I love the hair done by Yoona onni ! The black ribbon just added a different feel to the whole hairdo.

She is a Korean but speaks fluent English even singlish. I was surprised by her Singlish. Some readers were worried if there will be any communication problem if they hire her for bridal make up services. But no worries , she speaks fluent English and even Singlish. Her husband is Singaporean.

2014-12-08 05.07.19 2_mr1418032308986 (1)

Finally i managed to find time to head down to town to buy presents for upcoming family Christmas parties !

And we stopped by Oppa’s favourite Dutch brand – Suit Supply.

Love the shirts and style. It really looks good on him because of his 1.86m height and build. Dutch are the tallest people in the European Union. When i was shopping in Rotterdam central Ljinbaan , i saw many tall and sauve looking men dressed up in really classy suits and shirts to work. Love their suits.

The style at Suit Suppy is soooo Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Processed with VSCOcam

An unflattering shot of him. He looks much more chiseled in real life.
Im wearing an upcoming Midi skirt and my own tube top. Abit unglam to wear slippers but it was bian..i have to carry my havis out everyday. Whenever it rains , i will change to havis and keep my sandals/suede flats in the bag.  So heavy 😦

 Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Love this shirt but i can’t find it at the store in Ion. It is cheaper to buy in Netherlands because it is a Dutch brand. One shirt cost about EUR 79.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.31.54 PM

The style at Suit Supply reminds me of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl lol.

Hopefully no rain tomorrow. Need to bring my dress for alteration and to Aeon for facial.

Have a good night !

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