Last week , D and i went to Bornga at Vivocity for dinner. D introduced me to this restaurant , history of the restaurant and stories of the owner ( who is very famous in Korea and wife is an actress ) etc.

He loved the food hear and mentioned many times ” just like back in Korea ” . Now i know why he doesn’t like the Cold noodles in Tanjong Pagar and he never have them. Usually after BBQ , Koreans will have a bowl of cold noodles. He said the ones at Tanjong pagar are not nice , too soggy and doesn’t taste like what was back home. But he gulped down the entire bowl of cold noodles at Bornga.

Well , the food is nice but service was not what we will expect from an “Original Taste of Korea” restaurant. The side dishes were served so late. The table next to us were only served their side dishes in the middle of their BBQ. Side dishes should be served immediately the moment customers sat down at the table. The staff doesn’t really know how to do BBQ and the metal grill should be changed often. There is a “rule” for grilling the pork belly  , the meat cannot be flipped over more than 3 times. I used to have BBQ with D and his baseball mates once a week and that was when i learned Korean BBQ skills from the Oppas and Onni.

Koreans were often mistaken as impatient when they travel to other countries. That is because in Korea, services are really fast. People complain and scold if they waited too long for food or even bill. Even at the supermarket , the cashier cash in the groceries and pack them really fast. I was really surprised by their speed and accuracy. Sometimes i have to calm D down when the bill take too long to come , food served too late or the cashier at NTUC Fairprice took too long. I told him just bo bian..its like that in SG lol.



The cold noodles was sooo nice. Noodle texture is really bouncy and chewy. Not soggy at all.


Someone is happily enjoying his beef bean stew soup with rice.

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Here was my OOTD for the past few days in my favourite white midi skirt that is an upcoming design.

I love the wrap !


It is K beauty time 🙂
Blogging my reviews from my personal experiences with Korean beauty products.

I don’t really like to apply thick make up. I prefer natural and light make up. To make my skin looks hydrated and dewy, i will always apply my toner , emulsion , serum , essence and moisturizer after cleansing my face. To achieve natural make up look besides making sure my skin is hydrated with moisturizer , i also need to hydrate my eyes area.

I am currently using Hera’s Roll On Eye Serum. Im a huge Hera fan. Because their products are not oily and have this nice fragrance. I always apply this roller after shower. Not just roll on and smack on my make up . But i will lie down on the bed and massage around my eyes gently to make sure that the serum is properly absorbed into my skin. I realised after doing so , the skin around my eyes doesnt look cakey when i applied my concealer. The concealer glided on well and blended in well with my foundation/BB cushion.

Before applying the Hera UV Mist Cushion , i will apply the Magic Starter. This is a moisturizing base which helps to set my skin condition before make up. When using the Hera UV Mist Cushion , i will pat around my face instead of spreading it using the cushion sponge. Patting gives a more natural finish.


Im a skin-care “addict” and i will leave home without washing my face and never sleep without washing my face and putting on a mask/pack. So i am always looking for new ways to improve my skin texture , colour or conditions. Im into the Vitamin C serum lately. It helps to hydrate your skin , improve radiance and brightening. I bought one online from a Korean shop but the Vitamin C concentrate was too strong and it caused my skin to flush and turn reddish. For ampoules or serums with high concentration of Vit C or hyaluronic acid , i will always test it out under my chin first before applying to my entire face. If there is any redness , i will stop and just throw it away. Because sometimes , these products are too strong and can cause a reaction on your skin causing redness or break outs.

Fortunately , i was given one from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. Guess it is better to get one from the doctor instead of buying it online. Can’t wait to test it out and see the improvements in skin radiancy and brightening.


Besides depending on skin care products, you really need to have a good sleep and drink plenty of water. When i had a bad migraine or headache , my skin will turns dry and my eyes look really tired. Eat more fruits and it will help too.

Next K beauty post , i will blog about the masks i used and how applying it daily helps.