Haven been blogging for the past 1 week because i was soo tied up with work , 2 photoshoots this week and a problem cock up with the China customs.

Now here , sitting in the balcony’s lounge chair and overlooking Keppel port makes feel so relaxed but at the same time thinking through the events and incidents happened this year.

Went out to celebrate NYE and i met my current boyfriend , dated for 3 months before Oppa and i got into a relationship , got a new dog , trying to work on changes in Agneselle , went to Europe to find Oppa when he posted there to work etc.

Just 2 days ago , Oppa surprised me by telling me that he bought the air tix to Busan for next year Spring to meet his mom.

We will be there for 2 weeks.

Im looking forward to this trip. Most people travel to Seoul ( Capital city of South Korea ) for holiday and not many people goes to Busan because you need to take 2 hours train ride there or you can take a domestic flight. It is near to Japan and famous for its beaches , seafood , Jagalchi fish market and many more.

Busan is the 2nd largest City in South Korea right after Seoul (capital). They have the biggest department store IN THE WORLD which can make girls go crazy , awesome seafood and culture. You can even take a ferry to Japan from there.If you want to do a Korea-Japan trip , you can do  SG-> Seoul ->Busan->Japan->SG.

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I have been to Busan once and i love it there. Not as complicated as Seoul , things are cheaper , sashimi is SO DAMN FRESH AND CHEAP !!! Can see traditional architectures , really long beaches etc. If you are heading there , you need to try their sashimi , ou-deng ( Fish cake soup ) and their Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake). Oppa is always sending me food pics and famous food in Busan. Makes me drool at 12am….. – _ –

Here are some places to go to if you are going to Busan for holiday.

1) Centum City –

Shinsegae Centum City is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest department store in the world. Hera , Laneige and whatever brands..you can find it there. There are outlet stores inside and you can find branded stuff at a discount price. THIS MALL IS REALLY HUGE !


2)Haeundae and Gwangalli Beach –

This beach is very famous in Busan and damn crowded during summer. Chill at the cafes by the beach , enjoy the breeze and sunset.



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3) Jagalchi Fish Market –

If you love LIVE sashimi , this is the place to go. Live shrimps , flat fish , abalone etc. I love the live octopus. Not the whole thing. I saw some men just chew on a live octopus but i cant because quite dangerous esp if it is the first time im trying. I might get choked. I like the chopped one. Can feel the tentacles moving in my mouth and stuck to my tongue. Really chewy and you have to chew really hard before you swallow. Dip it in sesame oil and it is nice.

I had these almost everyday ! It is soooo cheap and fresh. Choose the fish you want from the tank and they slice it up for you.


4) Taejongdae –

You can catch a glimpse of some Japan islands from there. D’s university is located there and i can’t wait to get there. Found some places in his university for photoshoot and i just need to find a good photographer + good weather and not too windy to be blown off rocky cliffs.



4) Nampo-dong –

Very good shopping place and also you can go up to Busan tower . It is just like the Seoul Tower. This place is just like Myeongdong. You can shop till you drop. Walk abit up and you can see several streets and alleys. The stalls open in the evening and each lane/street sells different thing eg. one lane selling clothes , one lane selling accessories etc. Like the Dongdaemun in Seoul. You can find alot of cafes here too.

I went crazy there because everything is so cheap ! Cheaper than Seoul. I got a bag for KRW38,000 in Seoul and it is selling only KRW 24,000 in Busan. Can take an entire day to shop there.

Took this picture last year. I was stuck here for hours and almost half a day because too cheap and too many things. So many long lanes.


6) Seomyeon –

Shopping and plastic surgery clinics everywhere. It is like the “Gangnam of Seoul”. Lotte department stores etc. Shop till you drop !

Here are only 6 of the places which i have been to. More places to explore next year and i shall blog about it then. Maybe doing part time at the check-in counter with Oppa. His mum owns a motel near Gimhae Airport. For tourists or local who have to catch an early flight from the airport , they will usually stay overnight there because it takes a long time for them to travel to the airport.And also for locals/tourists who are on a road trip and need a place to rest/stay overnight. Comes with 2 high speed internet computer , jacuzzi in the spacious room . Gimhae is the only International airport at the southern part of South Korea. Incheon airport and Gimhae airport are the only International airports.


The Korean word means 休 in Chinese. It also means 休息.

Address Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do buwondong 607-4 Street name 1 beongil in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do

경상남도 김해시 부원동 607-4 경상남도 김해시 가락로1번길 6

Be greeted by his cutie Chihuahua (name is Bomi which means Spring in Korean ) too when you are there. She is sooooo tiny. I wonder how she keeps herself warm in winter.

Very nervous about this trip actually. My Korean speaking went downhill abit because i have been speaking English to Oppa. His English really improved tremendously. My written and listening improved alot because i spent my weekends with him and his friends and we text in Korean. This trip , im gonna meet his mum and very nervous about it.

And i can’t wait to meet the other Oppas. Met some of them when they came to SG and chatted with some of his friends on Kakaotalk or phone call. They are so nice and always tell me ” Minhee/Mini , when you come to Korea dont worry about anything. I will bring you to the best place and drive you around”. They really take care, protective of me , save the best part of the food for me and order what i want.

I gave myself a Korean name just for my Korean friends. Because all of them have problem pronouncing or remembering chinese names. Koreans cannot pronounce “P” and unlike Chinese , they do not have the 4 tones. That’s why when they say “fan” sounds like “pan”.  Now from “Minhee” becomes “Mini” which makes it even easier to pronounce.

Just like how some of them who came SG to work , they gave themselves an English name so that it is easier for Singaporeans to remember and pronounce.

That’s why im nervous and excited at the same time about this trip.

Much more to update and shall do it later 🙂 Too tired from yesterday’s rounds of Soju.


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