I was stuck in the train for 1hr 45 minutes from Telok Blangah to Bishan.
Train service was delayed due to system fault. Almost suffocated from boredom. And somehow i saw this facebook page on facebook by the queen of blogosphere aka XiaXue. I followed and read her blog since she started. I only read hers and Bong Qiu Qiu’s blog . I like her straight forwardness and very real. She is my favourite blogger and her son is tooo cute and charming. She deserves to be the queen blogger in SG.


Kinda scary to see how numbers actually matters. Sounds like in the banking industry lol. People look at numbers. Some people i know of are very concerned how about how many followers on instagram they have , how many people like their pictures , how many people comments etc. Somehow instagram did a clean up on fake followers or bots account. Some bloggers who bought followers were exposed. Their numbers dropped by 50-80% . I lost 800 even though i didnt buy any followers. To a full time blogger , numbers are important because it determines your advertorial rates.

To me , the influence is more important then the numbers. You can have alot of followers or readers but no influence , no point. Once i engaged a blogger to advert on AE’s clothes. She didnt generate traffic at all though her instagram followers were 5 times more than mine at a mid 5digit figure. Whereas i engaged another blogger who has 5 times lesser instagram followers than the first blogger i engaged , her post actually directed more traffic. Numbers are important but influence is more important. No point getting a pretty face to pose with a product and nobody buy.

Brand and companies should always ask for blogger stats like the one below i screen shot from my blog dashboard.  Blogs such as wordpress have this kind of tracker. Or you can track the bloggers’s stats for a week to see the pattern.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.56.33 PM

After the instagram purge ( where they get rid of those spam/bots account ) , many bloggers/instagramers who bought followers were exposed. Now another saga. Time to grab some popcorns.

Will blog about my cleansing routine and the cleansing products im currently using.