I had a wonderful Christmas last week. Had a Christmas party with my family and introduced Oppa to my paternal family. And i joined the girls for Charlene’s Hen’s Night. It was a mild and fun loving one. Haven met up with almost all the girls for quite a while and it was a good chance to catch up. Hardly meet up with them since i started 1-1 private lessons with my Korean teacher. Love this bunch of gfs to bits.


We all had dinner at PS cafe. The food was good and portion was abit too huge. Guess all of us were hungry and  gobbled up every single thing and even the huge plate of Truffle fries.


Saturday was my date out with Oppa. He booked a suite for staycation and we practically just NUA in the room , watching our Korean dramas, variety shows and singing my LITTLE APPLE song lol. Don’t know why when i heard the ring tone from my China cousin whose family owned a knitwear factory , i got addicted to that song.

It was the first time we DRANK SOJU together. I try to avoid drinking because i was afraid how it will dry up my skin and also getting drunk. I got like dead weight drunk before ( once only ! ). But it was Christmas and just let it go. We drank , talked and had BBQ together at Mohd Sultan Road.  He loves this restaurant because the decors , round tables reminds him of his hometown.

Even though we are a couple , i have to practice some manners during drinking. When his glasses are empty , i will pour and fill his glasses with both hands holding the soju bottle. And he will pour for me. When drinking with Koreans , it is not nice or rude to pour for yourself. When he filled my glasses , i will hold my cup up with both hands. When drinking with elders , always face the east side when you drink . But since we are couples , so there is no need to do that when im alone with him. But when im with a table of people older than me , i have to do that. Most of the time im the youngest lol.



We ordered nothing else except for Pork Belly.

I love to BBQ my kimchi lol…Taste better !


I can’t wait for the Kimchi to arrive. Oppa’s mum just sent them out on Monday afternoon ! Whee..think i can get it by Friday.

Just read the news about the missing AIR ASIA plane. We are taking Air Asia to BUSAN in March 2015. Abit feeling scared. It wasn’t a good year for Malaysia Airlines and hope next year will be tragedy-free.

I really need to lose weight. Almost “died” when i stood onto the bathroom weighing machine. 52KG.

OMGGG i gained 9kg in a year. I need to exercise and aiming for 50kg first. Shucks..didnt know it is so hard to lose 2KG.

I weighed at 43kg when i took my weight in Jan. Feeling so fat right now. Face and arms. I wont complain when it goes to the chest , hips and butt though lol.

I have many emails asking when the facial cleansing post will be up lol. Soon soon cos i left some of my cleansers at his house. Need to take picture lah.

Anyways , http://www.agneselle.com just launched !

Have a good week !

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  1. Love reading your sweet, honest and funny posts… they are relaxing and enjoyable to read 🙂 Look forward to your facial cleansing post! Please share if you use any sunblock whitening products too?

  2. Peiling says:

    Hi dear

    Thank you 🙂
    Yup will be blogging them soon !

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