My skin has been looking good lately after my last treatment at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic. Black heads at the side of my noses were cleared without any painful extractions. I LOVE IT !


Now that K-drama “Pinocchio” has ended , it is time for the K-drama “Kill Me , Heal Me” . The storyline is very interesting and both lead actor and actresses’s acting skills are really good. I also realised that i have been watching dramas , shows and variety shows from my laptop ! Cant remember when was the last time i actually switched on the TV to watch any programs. Local channels are not interesting and boring.

Anyways , here is the OST for Kill Me , Heal Me. Quite nice actually.

My WHOLE body hurts alot. Probably from carrying too many things and heavy bags during outdoor shoots. And feeling really tired due to work. Whole body was so painful that i can’t sleep. My shoulders, back , arms, legs and feet hurts 😦

20150117_114431 20150117_130058

So i went to book a massage appointment at Healing Touch. One of the cheapest and also good quality massages in SG already. I went to one Javanese House of Traditional Massage house years ago and my whole back was sooo badly bruised. After that i never go back there again. Now i only go to Healing Touch for my massages. I paid $59 for an hour of Asian fusion massage. Super shiok and i went out without any pain after that. Only massage once every 3 months and this money is worth well spent. Feeling so relaxed after that.  Really need this massage man.

Few days ago , i went to Grandlink Plaza to have dinner with Elaine.

There is a popular and super crowded Vietnamese cuisine restaurant just next to her maid agency. We decided to give it a try.



Prices are very reasonable and cheap.


We are starving and as if we haven’t eaten for days , we ordered 2 mains , 3 side dishes and 2 desserts. Total 7 items for only $44.80 and the portions are really huge !

20150115_193419 20150115_193429

This lala is so fat and juicy. Look at the thick and juicy. The chilli sauce that comes with it is really nice.


We ordered the BBQ prawns because we saw many tables ordering it. It is very cheap $15 for 17 sticks of prawns. We were busy “sucking” the shells because it tasted very good. Abit salty but nice !


Love this carrot cake that comes with fish sauce. The carrot cake is thick , tender and slightly cripsy ! You gotta try this.

20150115_201430 (1) 20150115_201703

Elaine ordered fried chicken with rice but there was no picture of it because we were too hungry and just gobbled up our food.

And then it is dessert time. I ordered something like Cheng Teng and she ordered Vietnamese version of Chendol.

20150115_200838 20150115_200803 (1)

2 mains , 3 sides and 2 desserts for only $44.80. Super cheap and nice ! Gotta say that perhaps it is because of the msg ( the food makes me feels very thirsty ) but very delicious and worth it. I will definitely go for the gongong/lala/clams , carrot cake and prawns again.

We are going on Tuesday after my Korean tuition !

Ate so much and i need to exercise before my tummy looks like a frog. Anyways , decided to join a gym/classes but firstly , i must make sure that i am not too lazy to even go and sign up for 3 months membership !

Do look out for the next K-beauty section. New product which i just bought and want to introduce to everyone !