It is K-beauty time again.

This week , i went to Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic for laser toning. I was feeling really worn out and tired lately due to huge workload. Preparing for after CNY designs and rushing the CNY photoshoots. When my body feels tired , my skin also looks really tired and when it does , it looks abit dull. Laser toning not only helps to brighten my skin tone but also helps with pore tightening.

For more information about laser toning at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic , click HERE and HERE to view. Dr Michael Kim is a Korean doctor and i enjoy small chats with him about Korean skin products and the way to achieve dewy skin look. And sometimes  we talked about Korean cultures. Im meeting my Korean boyfriend’s mother in 2 months time . Jina , the clinic manager and Dr Kim gave me really good advices how to get into her good books.

In Korean culture , meet-the-parents session is an important and big thing for a couple. The man will only bring you home to meet his parents only when he wants to marry you or to talk about marriage with you to his family. Oppa was discussing where to hold the wedding next year (in SG or Korea) while chatting with his seniors after his baseball game.  So i guess this meeting with his mother is a serious affair and i definitely have to be very proper. Traditionally , the parents decides whether he should or should not marry you. If the mother doesn’t like you…then you can say BYE BYE to the relationship really quick. I have a reader whose Korean fiance broke up with her because of his mother’s approval. Even though he proposed to her , his mother disapproved and there goes the relationship. But of cos , the society is slowly getting more liberated and some parents are less controlling.

Anyway , back to laser toning.

The procedure is very fast and took less than 15 minutes. If you want some fast lunch time instant skin rejuvenation , laser toning will be a good choice. Most of the Korean ladies with good skin whom i know of go for laser toning sessions once every 2 weeks or one month at least. It is painless.

Dr Michael Kim is really patient and meticulous. Before the procedure , i told him about my skin concerns and he gives really good advice how can i maintain and treat it.

After laser toning , you can choose to just apply moisturizer or go for the post care. I decided to go for post care because my skin felt really tired. So i had royal jelly serum applied on my face to sooth the tiredness and it also helps to brighten  and also a sheet mask to moisturize to give a dewy and glowing look.


Laser toning and post care took about 45 minutes. The bed was so comfortable and i fell asleep during post care. After which i woke up with clearly visible brightened and radiant skin ! I LOVE IT ALOT ! Below is a picture of my bare face right after the whole procedure without any make up. And i had botox done a month ago. My face shape getting sharper !


I do not need to put on any BB cushion or foundation. Just need some concealers for under eye , eye liner and lipstick will do !

I have several outdoor shoots coming up and i really have to smack more sunscreen and carry a huge umbrella to shelter myself from the sunlight.

You can quote my name “Pei Ling” when you visit the clinic. The clinic is located at 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210 . You can call 6733 2002 to enquire or book an appointment with Dr Michael Kim.

Talking about photoshoots , i had a shoot done at Revelry Cafe located at Lorong Kiat. Owner of the cafe, Jiaqi was really friend and nice. The theme was “Circus” theme and you can see many whimsical elephant paintings done by his talented sister !



I was so hungry throughout the shoot and the posted of the Chicken Waffles was just right at the main entrance and every time when i look at it , i felt even more hungry. The huge piece of cripsy chicken really made me soooo hungry. So after the shoot with Nic Loh from The Finishing Touch studio , we had our lunch here and a good chat with Jiaqi , the boss of Revelry Cafe.

You should give this a try. I paid $16 for this huge piece of cripsy chicken with waffles. In between the chicken and waffles was the salad. It was served with Maple syrup. Really worth it because the portion was huge and i love cripsy chicken.



This homemade Tiramisu was really nice and delicious. Very soft. It was made by Jiaqi’s mother. You should give this Tiramisu a try. Nic and I gobbled this up really fast. I guess we were too hungry and this tiramisu was really delicious. And not saying this just because this Tiramisu was on the house.


Nic had The Band for lunch. American breakfast style with waffles served with maple syrup at the side. If i remembered correctly , this was $14.


Revelry is located at 21 Lorong Kilat and they are closed on Tuesdays.

Here are some pictures taken at Revelry.

This sweet little grid dress is also available in Black base with white grid lines ( see on my instagram @dancingsugar ).


Neoprene dress that comes in Navy/Cream and White/Black. The navy curved-in details at the sides and cut in details below the waist line gives an illusion of an hour glass body shape.


If you missed the side slits maxi dress , here is one more coming up with gradient slits at the front. Available in Black and grey too !


If you want some watercolour floral prints , this dress maybe right for you.

This coming launch is about body shaping. You can see contrasting colour blocks at the sides which gives an illusion of slimmer body and “shape” your body line visually.


Preview will be up soon !

And hahaa finally i went for my FIRST gym/class on friday with my make up artist Yoona Han ! She is my motivation man..she goes there everyday ! Body is so painful after pilates and i need to go for health screening soon. Felt really giddy for the past 3 weeks. The feeling is as if the ceiling is spinning. It was really bad because i was at Orchard and for 30 minutes , i felt sooo giddy that i couldnt walk straight and i have to compose myself again by holding/leaning against the wall outside TANGS. Maybe i was just feeling really tired. And lately my sleep was interrupted and i kept waking up every 1-2 hours. 😦