Back to my favourite place and restaurant again !

Little Vietnam at Grandlink Plaza.

This time , i brought Oppa there for dinner. He loves it and we are coming back again the week after CNY Chu 1 .

Order same thing again but this time , we ordered Rice rolls ( 2 pcs for $3 ) and a new dish which i cant remember the name.

6 dishes + 2 desserts for only $47…super worth it .

So delicious !

Tick and tender carrot cake


Fat and juicy Lala and dipped in a sour chilli sauce.


A plate of 18 BBQ Prawns for only $15.

Abit not consistent. The last time i went with Elaine , there were only 17 sticks. This time was 18 sticks.



Beef Pho


Cant remember the name of this dish but it was a new dish we tried. Quite nice and the roundish thing tasted like coconut milk + egg.


And we also ordered 2 rice rolls. But Oppa gobbled all up before i can even switch on my camera…:(

The food were served pretty fast and waiters are very attentive.

You should go there and you definitely have to order the Lala/Gong gong/Chut chut and the BBQ Prawns.