Alot of good food this week but i was soo swarmed with work and appointments that i have no time to go down to the gym or classes 😦 And im gonna have 2 photoshoots this coming week . Going to be super shagged out. Well , this stress and busy schedule made me shed 2 kg off the scale lol.

We had dinner at Sum Kee Food at Telok Blangah which is walking distance from Oppa’s office. It is a Zi-char stall. The food was really nice and cheap. I love the salted egg chicken the most. Soo yummmy !

Lol ..the pics were all veryyy blur as usual..guess who was the one who took this pics  ? ( not me hahaha ) .

20150123_193436 20150123_193700 20150123_193439

Love this place because of the food and away from the crowd. The place is always full house in the evenings. So we always go after 7.30pm.  The staff are very friendly and super attentive. Food was great too !

And on friday evening , met up with my Korean make up artist and her good looking Singapore hubby and also my Oppa. We had dinner at pictures because i was too hungry and can’t wait to eat. Super sumptuous meal with 10 strips of Pork belly , one big hot pot and cold noodles , 2 beers and 1 soju. It was a really great catch up because we share some similarities which is international relationship/marriage (Singapore + Korean).

Oppa told me that this coming trip to Busan in March , he will discuss about marriage with his family. So this trip is a big thing. I was very nervous..abit scared..if his mother agrees  , it means we have to start planning. I learnt something new about Korean marriage when i talked to Yoona and Oppa that day. Some men only propose on the day of marriage during the wedding ceromony , some only a week or days before. Unlike in SG , couples get engaged 1-3 years before their ROM/wedding banquet.

In SG , couples take years to prepare and save up . Partly because alot of money is involved and everything in SG is soo freaking expensive. Buying a house and wedding need alot of cash. And after that , still need to save up again to start a family. OMG SG is too stressful. That was why some of my friends don’t want to have babies. Because of money. After buying a house and wedding , they need to save up for another 2-3 years before they start a family.

Whereas in Korea , most of my friends got married within 6 months after proposal. One of my friend was proposed to in Dec and she is now preparing for her wedding in Spring. All done in less than 4 months ?! At first i thought it was shot gun. But it was not lol. Another friend proposed to his wife on wedding day. But before that , the couples did talk about marriage together. Some of them asked me how come in SG , we can get engaged now and marry only 2-3 years later. In SG , most people buy house , get engaged , wait for house to come then ROM and have wedding banquet. Some ROM now but banquet come a year or few months later because of financing issue.

The reason why im feeling abit nervous is because i am a foreigner. Some families prefer their children to marry someone of the same nationality. But the society is slowly opening up. But still…nervous lah. After all the shit that happened in my life before , i hope this one is smooth sailing and i can settle down happily.

It was an interesting talk with Yoona and her hubby. She is very meticulous and careful. My readers who engaged her services were very happy. She takes pride in her work. Not into fame or instagram followers. Just concentrate and into her work which is creating beautiful make up which gained her many customers. I observed and felt this way. I am very happy with her service.

I did my research before i searched and confirmed which make up artist is suitable for me. I am careful about not using those who are into fame and those super bitchy and gossipy kind who goes around telling their clients about my personal life or work. Some did the make-ups or looks the way and what they want other people to see (by posting of their social media platforms) instead of what their clients want. I tried trial make-up sessions with some make up artists and i felt that they are like that. They don’t accept suggestions and don’t listen to what kind of look i want. In this case , they should hire or find a model to be part of their “desired” portfolio or their trial to create the look they want. Don’t use your clients as your guinea pigs. Because your bride is getting married on THAT day. If she doesn’t good in the make up look you want for portfolio , she can’t turn back time and redo it again. As for me , i only have the photoshoot on that particular day. I can’t retake again if it doesnt look good. It will waste my time and money.

Anyway , the meal was soo fantastic. We had a good 3 hours chat and can’t wait for the next meet up again !

I was kinda busy looking out for any tops which i can layer for my trip to Korea in March. But i ended up buying them from gmarket instead. It is cheaper and can keep me warm without layering too much.

Love this maxi dress to death . It is an upcoming piece from and i have been wearing it many times this week. This goes well for CNY because of the vibrant cobalt colour and white flowers.


I realized i haven’t blogged about this.

I made Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgaetang) last week for Oppa and his Hyung ( housemate who is older ). Hyung means elder brother in Korean.

The colour was supposed to be abit milky colour but i added some herbs so the colour looks abit like Chinese soup.

I did not stuff the rice into the chicken. Instead i have it separately. Oppa also don’t like it when the rice is inside.


Super easy and just need 2 hours of boiling after you throw everything into the pot.

Well , Oppa’s kitchen is super sparse. Because everyone in the house doesn’t cook except for Korean instant noodles. Even their rice are those instant ones. So sad..i don’t know is it because they have no time or don’t know how to cook. So most of the time , i do the cooking there. There is only 1 pot and 1 frying pan. The pot was too small for the chicken so i used the frying pan instead.

All you need is

1) Whole kampong chicken with the feet and head removed. Remove the innards. I remove the fats around the bum and other unwanted fats so that my soup is not too oily.

2) 1 whole big onion cut into half. Dont buy the small purple onions. Get those with orange skin ones that are big.

3) Korean ginseng. The Korean ginseng i have is very expensive and bitter. I usually use it to make tea so i bought the cheaper Chinese ones that comes with a packet of herbs which i used for this soup.

4) 10 cloves of garlic

5) 12 big red dates ( you definitely need at least 10 of them for a whole chicken to make the soup sweeter ). Big dates…not small one hor..You can buy from Fairprice. One big pack about SGD 3.65

6) 10 Korean chest nut. (with all the shells and husk removed ). In Korea, the men are the ones who remove the shells and husk. Because it requires alot of strength and work. I have problem removing it because it was so hard so Oppa helped to do it. Very hard to find this chest nut. I got it from Isetan supermarket at Orchard. My teacher said that some Fairprice Finest do sell (near the fruits/grapes section ) but i can’t find it there. Luckily , i chanced upon the chestnuts at Isetan Orchard supermarket. And i found it at wet markets too….sian..bought it quite expensive at Isetan.

7) Throw all ingredients from point 1 to point 6 into the pot. Boil with water for 30 minutes and then switch to medium-low heat for 90 minutes. Total 2 hours to boil.

8) It is ready to serve ! Before serving , add abit of salt and chopped spring onions.

9) Prepare a saucer with sea salt and black pepper mixed together. When you eat , dip the chicken in the sat+pepper. It taste very yummy ! You know when you go to restaurant , they always serve samgaetang with a powdery dip  ? Yup it is just salt + black pepper.

Very easy right ? Just prepare all the ingredients , throw in and wait for 2 hours only.

You can try and see if it is nice !

Going to sleep soon. 2 shoots this week.

Skin looks good lately and here is a selfie !

Just BB cushion , eyeliner and lipstick !


Good night !