Here are some items coming up before CNY besides the maxi dress and the skorts i posted previously.

1) Top – will be available in one of the SPRING COLLECTIONS.

2) Pleated skirt will be available in 3 colours. White and Forest Teal are definitely my favourites.


Everything lace top . It will be available in 3 colours too ! For this upcoming CNY launch , you are covered from head to toe (top and bottom ) !


Nothing happened this whole week. I had photoshoots for 2 full days and im so tired and dead beat. Cant wait for Friday ! Finally meeting the girls with all our bfs/hubby for Japanese food and singing session. OMG i haven’t had Jap food for often since i got into a relationship with Oppa.  Got nagged at when i accidentally mentioned Sea of Japan instead of East SEA. Lol. Im gonna gobble up all the sashimi on Friday !

Gonna start my spring cleaning soon. Gonna blog about it. Something i wanna share here.

6 more weeks to my Korea trip ! CAN’T WAIT and at the same time. DAMN DAMN DAMN nervous. cooking Korean omelette curry rice tomorrow for the boys. I shall blog about the recipe once i received the thumbs up!