My Vday was a simple affair. We had simple home cooked Korean ramen with dumplings for lunch , a long walk to RWS in the evening for dinner. I didn’t expect any roses from Oppa. Because he is really not that romantic kind of guy. He said the loveliest things always at the unromantic place , never believe in buying flowers or gifts. He usually just give me his credit card or pay for my shopping buys.

So i was kinda surprised to wake up to a cute bouquet of pink roses in an unromantic way. LOL. Like he just shove it to my face along with my you tiao and hot soya bean drink lol. He never buy flowers for ladies before and he was hmm feeling awkward. I can see that..he felt paiseh lol. But it is the heart and thoughts that counts. Thank you so much !


Sheer make up is kinda in thing now for Spring. It is hard to find foundations which gives very sheer coverage. I read about the Guerlain baby glow foundation in Urban papers and i decided to give it a try. Usually i will ask for sample packs before i buy the full bottle but this time it was kinda impulse buy.
I used to buy the full bottles without trying the samples first (make up and skin care ) and ended up wasting my money because the products don’t suit my skin tone or skin type or has no effects on me. Now , i always ask for sample packs before i buy the full bottle. But this time , i was in a mad rush and just took it and paid for it because i read reviews and rave that it gives a “glow” and makes your skin looks dewy.

I love dewy skin make up look and all my foundations are Korean brands because i must say that they are the experts when it comes to dewy make up look and so far , their foundations never fail me before. This is my first non-Korean brand foundation.


Unfortunately , it makes my skin looks so matte and i can’t see any dewy-ness in it which was different from the reviews. The only thing i like about it was the sheer coverage and scent because i hate thick coverage foundations and it indeed smells good. Well , it costs $74 for this small tube and i guess i just have to dab liquid highlighter after the foundation or mix it in to create a dewy skin look or else it will be a waste to chuck it somewhere.