3 more weeks to my trip to my boyfriend’s hometown , Busan in South Korea. It will be the peak period of Spring and i hope to catch the beautiful cherry blossoms !

Several Korean make up brands are slowly are coming with their Spring palettes and beauty products suitable for the Spring season. As i have mentioned before , Korean brands are always coming up with new products and colours every season. Just like the HERA UV mist cushion which i have been using for 2 years , they came up with Long Stay version for Summer which stays on for 12 hours and does not “melt” away if you are exposed to and under the hot sun , Ultra Moisture version for winter for ultimate moisturizing effect despite the cold and dry winter season and also the normal cushions for daily use.

That is also the reason why i have alot of skin care products flooding my make up desk. I used different products according to my skin conditions.

A normal and typical skin care routine in Korea comprises of up to 10 steps to achieve perfection. It is no longer just cleansing , toning and moisturizing. That is why in Aeon , you do not just go for laser or facial only. Some programs in Aeon comprises of several steps from cleansing , laser treatments and laser post cares such as serums , ampoules , gels , essences , oils , masks, creams and sunscreen. You do it the Korean style in the Korean clinic.

Since last year November , Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre introduced the “Winter Glow” treatment. Just like its name , the treatment was supposedly to create a glow to your skin by retaining moisture in your skin and making it look radiant.

Now that it is Spring , Korean Doctor Michael Kim (Ji-Hyo) from Aeon Centre came up with the “Spring Bloom” Treatment. Like cherry blossoms in Spring, this treatment program helps to improve your skin radiance and texture with the premium products used.

I love the Winter Glow treatment but i love this one more. First, as I enter the room I noticed a flowery scent in the air as an aromatherapy was already lighted to make me relax.

I went to the clinic without make up. So Esther started with a few minutes of head massage before facial cleansing.


After cleansing , a special brown sea algae serum was massaged all over my face and neck area. It contains mainly Alginic acid and other amino acids and vitamins. Alginic acid acts like hyaluronic acid in that it can absorb and bond with water many times its own weight. It also detoxes your skin by bonding to heavy metal ions that may be on your skin from air pollution, left over makeup or sunblock. The serum is very gentle and does not contain any artificial  preservatives or colors so it is suitable for all skin types.  In addition to giving smoother skin and detoxing your skin, it also strengthens the skin barrier and gives long-term moisturization.

The sea algae gel used to massage on my skin removed the dead skin cells and gave me a smooth , soft and clean texture. The sea algae gel used was very gentle and the face and neck Korean facial massage technique by Esther felt so good that i hope the massage part never ends. When i went for facials in Korea , the therapists will include a Korean facial massage for face and neck which last at least 10 minutes. Sometimes they will massage your chest but before doing that , they will ask if you want to have chest massage.  I started going for facial since 2009 and i have been to several clinics and spas and none of the spas i went to gave facial massages except at Aeon. Esther is really the best! You can feel it the moment she starts cleansing your face and you can feel how experienced she is.


Esther removed the excess with facial sponge and warm towel.



After this deep cleansing with the Algae serum, i went to the laser treatment room to start my BBL Forever Young Laser Treatment.

Dr Kim is so friendly, patient and like a fatherly figure. He will give me advice on how to maintain and improve my skin conditions. Before every treatment , he will explain to me the products used and how it actually helps to improve my skin tone. Not only that , when i have questions on Korean culture , he will explain to me clearly in English and Korean so that i can learn new vocabs. It makes me feel very comfortable to go for my treatments every time.

Just like its name , the BBL Forever Young Laser Treatment helps to reduce wrinkles , fine lines and rejuvenate your skin cells to reveal a younger and radiant looking skin. Totally giving a honest review here. My skin really looks very very very clean after this entire Spring Bloom Treatment. Perhaps i have good skin to begin with and this whole treatment makes it look even better.

Alot of readers wonder if BBL lasers are painful ? From my experience , i don’t feel any pain. I only felt a slight heat that’s all. It doesn’t even felt anything like an ant bite that makes you want to get up from the seat. Sometimes i was soo tired that i slept through the whole laser procedure and Dr Kim had to tilt my head for me and woke me up after it ended. The BBL laser applicator comes with a buffer which cools your skin surface before the laser was shot onto your skin. For more information about the BBL laser , you can refer to this post HERE where i blogged about my first experience with BBL.

Dr Kim not only just focus on the face but also the neck area. He mentioned that skincare should start from head to shoulder. You don’t want to have a pretty face but your neck looks old.








After the BBL laser treatment which lasted about 10 minutes , i was brought back to the medical treatment room where a special collagen mask was put onto my face and neck for 20 minutes. This mask contains 92% collagen concentrate. It helps to rejuvenate your skin to reveal a brighter and radiant skin tone. The mask sheet was specially cut by Esther to fit onto my face shape perfectly. It covered my lips too.


An LED light was switched on to help my skin absorb the collagen concentrate and essence efficiently.

The picture looks red because of the lighting from the LED. Nope , i do not feel any heat or burning sensation. Felt nothing and it just as if the lights in the room was switched on that’s all. A goggle was used to cover my eyes so it wasn’t bright at all. I fell asleep for good 20 minutes.


Here’s the result after 20 minutes of masking.


After the treatment , i have to rush off for my quickie hair trim. All salons in SG were fully booked and i managed to get a slot and got my hair trimmed by a KPOP girlband look alike hairstylist at a Korean hair salon in Novena. Trimmed, wash and blow for an hour and i have to rush off for CNY Eve reunion dinner !

Beautiful skin and nicely trimmed hair on CNY Eve. YEAH !

No time to say proper goodbye at Aeon and no time to put on make up because i have to rush off for my hair appointment.

[I was told that for the Spring Blossom, you are give a special Green Tea from Jeju Island in Korea with a mixture of real flowers to finish the experience while relaxing in the nice waiting room. Maybe next time for me, but try not to miss out!]

Having good skin makes everything so easy and fast. I managed to draw eyeliner and apply my favourite Tony Moly lipstick within 15 seconds when i took the lift down from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre (6th floor) to the 1st floor lobby.

Managed to snap a picture while waiting for my quickie hair cut !


If you are interested in the Spring Blossom Treatment at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic , you can call 67332002 to enquire or book your appointment. Even though Dr Kim and his staff are all Koreans , they speak fluent English so you do not need to worry about communication problems. The clinic is located at 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210 . You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic !

Visit their FACEBOOK page for beauty and make up tips. They even interviewed random Koreans on the streets to share their personal make up and beauty tips !

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