I blog about skin care , fashion and food but i never blogged about myself. Lol..like who the hell will blog about themselves so thick skin right ?

Im feeling sick ( down with fever , flu and sore throat ) . I spent the whole day on bed sleeping and woke up occasionally by Bobo’s (my dog) grumbling and whining ( because she came her menses ). As i lied down on the bed , i thought about alot of things and what people around me mistaken me for and my intentions.

1) Looks – Plastic surgery

Randomly , when i was chatting with some friends or customers over whatsapp , they will suddenly pop this kind of sentences trying to see if something was “done”.

” the work done was good “

” your eyes doesn’t look like last time “

” your nose suddenly sharper hor “

Some people mistaken and confused Aesthetics with Plastic Surgery. Aesthetics doesn’t alter your looks except for botox and fillers which alter your looks temporary and their effects only last for few months before they revert back to original. I had aesthetics done but the most invasive was only thread lifting and botox. The rest like lasers and facials only help to improve my skin tone.

Yes i also indeed noticed that my eyes looked abit different with more prominent eyelids.


It started to appear after my massive weight gain. I gained 8kg in a year. Can you believe that ? LOL .

And nope , i never had any plastic surgery done before. Though im tempted to go for eye bag removal this coming Korea trip and asking my BF to help me to find and book for surgery. But im still contemplating whether to do it or not. May yes..maybe not. I dont know yet and wait till i go there then i decide.

Abit scared. LOL.You know you see bloggers going for PS , reviews on celebrities etc. People show the successful and good reviews but nobody will take about the cons and failures. A friend of mine had hers done at a famous clinic in Gangnam but her eye bags still there and totally no difference. Going for PS really takes alot of courage. You read the good reviews but you have to accept the fact and know what to do next if it was not done well and proper. If it was successful , you should be happy with your choice. Oppa asked me to think properly because he knows of failed surgery procedures which can be very depressing post surgery and some girls commit suicide because of that.

2) Boobs

Because of my weight gain , my boobs size went up a little and looks rounder when i wear low cut tops. They are natural and just fats. Kinda strange when a friend asked if i had something done to my boobs. I wish to have it done to full C but i don’t have the courage to and i dont want to. I prefer it being natural. Happy with my size.

3) Arrogant , introvert.

” Why don’t you go for events and mix with bloggers “

” Why you dont hang out with friends often “

 “Why don’t you mix with other bloggers or online shop owners ? It can help to increase your exposure , popularity blah blah blah which everyone is doing now “

I don’t hang around because i think im high and mighty or an introvert. I don’t hang around because im someone who is quite “sticky” to my bf. I hang out with my friends for dinner , Kbox sessions and shopping too but i don’t post their photos or the things we do is because they want some privacy and i dont want to blog about my friends’ daily activities here too. They have a full time job and incase their colleagues are my readers , who knows. Not as if we were doing something illegal or ashame of but it is better to keep their lives private than to open to the public.

I have blogger friends whom maybe i contact once in a while and i don’t meet or know other bloggers probably because i dont hang around or go to events. There are very nice and down to earth bloggers and they are also the abit bitchy ones who really go deep into people’s lives. I don’t want to be embroiled into this kind of things and i prefer to keep things private now. So if you hear any stories or people bitch about me, they are probably stories because i have not told anyone anything about my life and my future plans with my bf. If i want to tell people , i rather blog it here so everyone knows the same story and not having different versions.

In short , i like my life now … abit private and doing my own things and in my own sweet world.

Isn’t it better and you don’t need to care about what people thinks , no need to compete etc.

4) Advertorials.

2 of my sponsors talked to me and told me that i brought in alot of traffic compared to some bloggers they hired and asked why don’t i take in more advert as an income.

Well , i don’t my blog to be an advertorial blog. Because this is a place where i pen down my thoughts just like this post. Where there are many things stuck in my head and i want to let it all out. And i only take in advertorials if im confident and if im a consumer , i will go for their services.

What is the point about blogging that i use this product and then next month i use this or pretending to be a big fan of the product ? There will be no credibility just for that few hundred bucks.

5) Xiao Nu Ren ( 小女人 )

Just because i listens to my bf , cooks for him etc doesn’t mean’t im xiao nu ren . I also have my own opinions and i bring it across to him on certain matters and we discuss together too. I don’t see listening to my bf or cooking for him as being overly submissive. Im just fulfilling a traditional role of a woman. And the best part is that this comment often comes from men. But then when a woman get too opinionated , they don’t like it. Ironic isn’t it. It is natural for men to want to be above a woman. Not physically..dont think dirty ok. Im talking about social standing. I prefer men to who takes the lead. If 2 persons are too strong headed , it can really create a huge quarrel and fight. Because each one of them are too opinionated.

6) Crazy over Koreans

Just because i love using Korean make ups , Korean dramas , learn Korean and have a Korean bf , people think i Korean siao. I already started using Korean make ups , crazy over Korean dramas and learning Korean way before i met or know any Koreans in my life. The drama craze started way back when i was taking Alevels and make-up craze back in 2010 and i took the language course in 2010. Only till i have a Korean bf then i start to get to know more and interested in their culture. I have to. So i can understand his actions and understand him better.

Ok , so i thought until here before i was semi-woken by my parents telling me about some return mails. LOL

Anyway , http://www.agneselle.com has launched a mini collection.

I cant wait for the new arrivals in April. WHY APRIL ?
The factories only start work mid of March lor.

Im very excited about them and the plans.

Love this romper esp the one in White and Midnight. The cutting is fab and the ruffles add a girly feel to this whole outfit.



And if you are looking for pieces for work !
This dress comes in Blue and Magenta.


And my worn to death midi skirt ! The cutting is so fab that it wraps around your curves !


Have a good week !

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  1. Lisa Pei Pei says:

    Hi Pei Ling, I like and appreciate how real you are, especially on the topic of sponsorships. Every time I am very sceptical when it comes to bloggers’ reviews about products or services because they are paid to do so hence tI doubt the amount of truth in their review. Furthermore, when we walk in as normal customers, we do not get the same treatment for what we pay for, that is very infuriating. Thanks for staying true to yourself despite being a famous social media personality 🙂

  2. PL, I have been a fan of Agneselle since way back. I think you look prettier with the HEALTHY weight gain because you used to be very thin. But honestly, you look much prettier WITHOUT the injections and laser work done. That’s just my personal opinion of course. I am working in the aesthetic medicine line so I know the difference between aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Be confident, no need to bother about what others say about you.

  3. Peiling says:

    Thank you for your support Jenny 🙂
    Im already 29yrs old this year. lol..need to maintain the skin..

  4. Peiling says:

    Dear Lisa

    Thank you for your support 🙂

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