Was sick for almost 7 days (fever, sorethroat and flu) and now still suffering from a bad cough. Typing on the keyboard is such a chore because my body aches really bad and flu med makes me sooo drowsy and sleepy. Somedays it was so drowsy that i just sleep the entire day and don’t even have the appetite to eat.

Don’t know why even though there are not many launches and not many items , i am still very busy. Alot of shoots and designs to plan. I can’t wait for April..because by then , some new stocks will arrive. OMG like have to wait for 2 months after CNY before another proper launch because the manufacturers in China just started opening for biz last week after 1 month of CNY holiday.  SO yup , bear with me…lol just because less launches and lesser items doesn’t mean it will get boring..I cant wait for some laces , cape blazers and crochets to arrive ! Stay tune and wait okie..thanks thanks.

Lost alot of weight for the past 10 days because i have been eating porridge EVERYDAY because of my fever except for maybe 2-3 meals where i get to eat some noodles. 2 days before i fell sick , i went to Bukang Korean Sashimi Restaurant with Oppa and his friend. It is located at Red Dot Museum. If you want to have fresh and nice Korean sashimi without travelling to Korea, this is the place to go. Oppa and his friends goes there at least twice a month and some of them goes every friday for the sashimi , soju and beer.

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I had cravings for live octopus that day and they ordered one plate for me. Y0u can go to my instagram to view the video. I have uploaded it there. My username is dancingsugar.

Hmm most people asked me how does it taste and feel like. I can feel the tentacles sticking itself to my tongue and side of the cheeks. So i just keep chewing and chewing…like rubber band. Lol ..so if you just had jaw botox done , not a good idea to have this dish for a few days.

I love it ..i always have it when i go to Korea. Dip it in sesame oil and pop it into the mouth. I dare not eat the WHOLE octopus of cos ! It has to be cut into tiny pieces. Yup  they are still moving and still moving after an hour even though they were chopped into pieces.

Heng..managed to eat some good food before i fell sick !

When i fall sick , my lips and face will dry up very bad. I don’t know why but it always happen whenever i caught a bad flu.

So i managed to drag myself to Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic for another round of Spring Blossom Treatment. (Click HERE for more information) . This treatment is the improved version of Winter Glow Treatment which was available end of last year 2014. I really like the Spring Blossom so much and have been asking for it. If i keep asking for it , it means good and i love it ! Face looks very clear and moisturized. BBL laser suddenly seems abit addictive because of the effective results.


My hair is damn cui now and i haven’t cut or dyed my hair for like almost 6 months ???

Hehe..thanks to Dr Kim from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic , he recommended me a Korean hair stylist to get my new hair colour and hair cut before i go to Korea this weekend. The colour is a mix of Red and Brown but somehow and at some angle , it looks pink and purple too with tinge of Red brown. My bf loves it alot and i love it alot too !

Hehe..need to look chio before i go to Korea this weekend mah…meeting alot of people there leh.

Thanks to Dr Kim , my hair is fixed and my skin looks great from the Spring Blossom Treatment !!!!


Weather is abit cold over there and im gonna bring lotsa moisturizing product there. Hera products maybe good but the bottles are DAMN heavy ( made of glass ). Fortunately , i still have TONNES of sample packs and gonna bring there , use and then throw away.

I haven even pack my luggage yet. Going there for 12 days (2 days of travelling) because oppa bought Air Asia tickets before SQ came up with their promotion. Pray that i have a safe flight okay ??

Agneselle is launching tonight at 9pm !

Not many items , just 3 simple designs which you will wear anytime and any day !

Can’t wait for the full batch of stocks to go back to its full cycle again in April. Lol by the time everything arrives , i think i can prepare for CNY 2016 liao lol..

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Somethings to share in the next post about K-beauty make up !

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  1. helloooo7 says:

    Hi! Do u mind sharing which Korean salon in Singapore u dyed ur hair at?

  2. Peiling says:

    Dusol Beauty at Novena

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