So , had the first launch after 1 month of hiatus.

New launch just up at ! Hop over now to shop !

During the 1 month hiatus, i was working on some new looks which i can’t wait to launch in May for the start of Summer collection. There will ALOT of crochets. When i was in Korea , there were lotsa crochet everywhere and i was soo inspired by it. Went on a work trip 2 weeks ago with a friend and she saw the samples when i was choosing the colours. Very excited for them. Trying to create new refreshing looks every year. Last year , it was more on basics but this year , it will be abit more clean , tailored and feminine. So keep your eyes on Agneselle’s previews for Summer Collections.

Oppa and i can’t wait to watch this movie on Friday. This movie broke the new record of being the 2nd highest grossing film in Korea’s cinema history.

Gukje Market 국제시장 

The movie was filmed in Busan and features the Busan Gukje Market located at Nampo-dong. When you watch the trailer , you will realize that the way they speak and the tune sounds different. Well , that’s Busan Dialect (aka Busan Saturi ). That’s how my bf and his family speaks. So i must get used to it because the vocabs and expressions used are different from the standard Seoul dialect. Each city speaks different dialects. Seoul dialect is the standard Korean you found in textbooks or news channels.

It is Busan’s largest traditional market since Korean war in 1950.  You can see many amazing things , crafts , potteries etc etc.

How to get to Gukje Market ?

Take MRT to Nampo-dong station and exit 1 .

It was one of the place i wanted to go to but i was sick and i wasted like 5 days staying indoors.

Some of the places i wanted to go to was Busan University street which is similar to Ewha Women’s University street in Seoul where you can find many cheap eateries and shopping area.

How to get to Busan University ?

Take MRT to Busan University station and exit 1.

Can’t wait for the weekend and new stocks to arrive.