I just realized that this post was published as “private” instead of “public” ! Oops !

But it is never too late to know more about K-beauty !

After i came back from Korea , my skin was abit dry because of the cold weather and my cold. Whenever i fell sick , my skin feels dehydrated. So i decided to make a facial appointment with Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic and the focus was to hydrate and repair my dry skin.

My favourite aesthetician, Esther Jang cleansed my face  , apply vitamin C serum and a hydrating repair cream.

An LED light was switched on to help my skin absorb the serums and essences efficiently.

I did not felt any heat or burning sensation. Though it might look abit scary from the picture below , it was just as if the lights in the room was switched on that’s all. A goggle was used to cover my eyes so it wasn’t bright at all. I fell asleep for good 15 minutes.


Thereafter , Esther helped to put on the modelling pack mask. This mask has hydrating effects and helps to calm and hydrate my dry and tired skin after my Korea trip.


Here’s a picture taken in the powder room after the medical facial treatment. No make up.

Skin feels hydrated and clean. I always go for facial after long holiday trips because of difference in air quality and climate.


When i first stepped in Aeon on that day , i noticed Clara , the clinic coordinator was wearing a modernized Han-Bok ( Korean traditional costume ) instead of being suit up as usual. The detail are intricate and i love the colour combination ! The cut was specially tailored for her and the embroidery details are so intricate and delicate.


The organza material adds a feminine and soft touch to this whole outfit. And the detailed embroidery makes it look classy and grand.


This made in Korea Han-Bok is so pretty and modernized. I ever thought and look out for Hanboks for my wedding and i would like to have a Yellow and Pink combi one !


If you are interested in Korean aesthetics procedures ( lasers and medical facials ) performed by a Korean doctor in Singapore , you can call 67332002 to make an appointment with Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. Clinic assistants are all Koreans but speak fluent English. So you do not worry about langauge barrier. Dr Michael Kim is a Korean doctor who has lived in America for many years speaks very fluent American English too !

After the facial , you can get to enjoy a cup of Korean tea , snacks and candy. There is also a powder room for you to put on your make up and get ready to go out after your treatments. Combs , perfumes , hair straighteners etc are also provided in the powder room.

Im going for another treatment today !

Can’t wait ! Have been under the sun for photoshoots lately and i really need to take good care of my skin. I am turning 29 years old next Sunday !!!