Just a day before i went to Malacca with Sim Family ( my paternal family ) for food trail , i had an appointment with Dr Kim at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic for the Doublo S treatment. It is a very popular procedure in Korea to achieve tighten and firmed parts of the face without going under the knife.

” Doublo-S uses HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) to lift, tighten and contour the whole face (or parts of the face) and neck in just 30 minutes. Doublo-S uses precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves to focus heat on the correct soft tissue layers. By focusing on these layers of tissue, the body’s regenerative response is to restore toned and tight appearance to the skin. “

Well , i had Doublo-S treatment done at my jawline. As you can see , my weight jumped from 45kg to 52kg after i met Oppa and i ate the same portion as him now lol. I need to start taking care of my chin and jawline now.

Also , Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre is one of the first clinics to offer Doublo-S ( a popular non-surgical facelift procedure in Korea ) here in Singapore. And im glad that i got to try this procedure.

I will be able to see the results after 4 weeks.  There will be slight discomfort at the jaw bone during the procedure which felt like tightening but it depends on individual’s tolerance. I find it quite ok and it was over in just 30 minutes. I had my neck and jawline done.

After consulting with Dr Kim, one of the aesthetician helped to apply numbing cream for 45 minutes on the areas where Dr Kim will be doing the Doublo-S .

Always remember try to not wear any make up when you go to aesthetic clinics.


After the aesthetician wiped off the excess numbing cream with hot towel, we took some before photos to document the changes.


A gel was applied on the areas and Dr Kim started the Doublo-S treatment around my jawline , lower cheeks and neck.



The neck area is where most people tend to overlook when it comes to skincare. You should always include your neck area in your skincare routine.

The procedure is very fast . In just 30 minutes , the whole treatment was over , the excess gel was cleaned off and you are ready to put on your make up and go.


If you are into aesthetics , you should have heard of this treatment called Thermage which is expensive and the procedure is very painful ( according to friends who had it done before ).  Doublo-S is not as expensive and unlike Thermage which is very painful. So if you want to go for tightening effect , you can try Doublo-S. It is a popular procedure in Korea since few years ago and Aeon is one of the first to offer the Doublo-S procedure here in SG !

To enquire or to book an appointment  you can call Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic at 67332002. The doctor and clinic aestheticians are Koreans but they speak fluent English.