So , i turned 29 on 10th May , Sunday.

I had a simple celebration with Oppa. No fanciful dinner , no expensive presents. Just 2 of us , relaxing, ordering my favourite tze char food ( like really alot  ! ) , watching his baseball match and staycation at MBS.  He wanted to buy me a present or bring me go shopping but i don’t want.

When i was younger ( maybe when i just graduated , started work and had my first income ) , i will go for meals at restaurants and expect some nice presents on my birthday. As i grew older , i realized these are not important. It how and the time spent with my love one more important and more precious to me than those material goods. Even though it was just tze char at famous restaurant that cost less than $60 , i get to eat my favourite dishes , wearing very comfortable clothings , talked and laughed with Oppa. The day before my birthday , we went to Henderson waves for a walk. A 2 hour “trekking” lol. And on my birthday , i went to watch his baseball match in the morning and though this birthday gift for me didn’t happen ( that is to score a homerun ) , we managed to have a good time under the sun and having so many Oppas to wish me Happy Birthday.






Lol i wish i can photoshop the uncle’s armpit away from the picture above though.

Can’t believe im already 29. I started blogging when i was 18 at blogspot and blog name was then Star-Ling. It was inspired from a word or something from my biology text book that time though. There was thing “starling” something ..which i cant remember what it was.  People’s first impression of me was that im that kind of girl who is not serious in relationships and only out to play because of my looks and dressing. Well , they are wrong. Im serious in all my relationships and each of my relationships last 5 to 6 years. I always give my best.

Now that im already 29. I know what i want in a marriage and the kind of guy i want to live with for the rest of my life. The guy i know who is responsible and will take care of me and our kids. The guy who saves his money and thrifty yet not stingy. A guy who is willing to share my joys , stress and sorrows because i will do so for him too. I want a simple relationship and a guy whom i know i can depend on. And i had found one.

I was once in a very stressful state. I was holding 2 jobs,  my body and health was really affected. My menstrual cycle went crazy and i was having period 3 times a month and sometimes it never stopped. I felt so tired that i only work and sleep. I was working really hard for a future and i realized it was just a one sided sacrifice. I was stupid , naive and silly.  You know people tell you “well , remember the good times you once had in the relationship”. But do people even think about the good times in the relationship before they commit a mistake ?  Nope they don’t. Once a trust is broken , it is broken and things will never be the same again.

Sometimes i don’t know to be lucky or not to learn all these life lessons. Because sometimes i wish these things don’t happen to me.

People come and go for the past few years. I am an easy going person and i close one eye or sometimes both eyes when people made mistake. I clear the mistakes for them behind their back. But these people take me for granted and stabbed me in the back. They told you to give them the job because they want to learn but on the other hand , they told people they don’t want to do it and was force to do it. The thing i hate the most is dishonesty.

Some people said im heartless or cold because i just left like that from people i worked with , relationships or people i know . You see , when people made mistakes or did something wrong , i didn’t say anything , try to clear everything and just let it go like nothing happen. And because i let it go , people think they didn’t make any mistake. Then these people took me for granted and they let it happened again or came up with certain lies. And these people go around telling people that it was my fault blah blah blah when i didn’t go around telling people how this person works , what kind of person he/she is , what actually happened with black and white as proof. Why make myself so stressful ? Just let these people go because they don’t cherish you so why do you ?

Im glad that Oppa came into my life , i felt my life is very calm and stable. He shares my stress , joys and sorrows. He is always there listening to me and always telling me ” you always have me and i will take care of you”. Sometimes , i felt that this sentence is more meaningful than “I love you” . It just makes you wanna cry hahaha. He is someone who is not into material goods , expensive meals etc but when it comes to me , he wants to give me the best and i always tell him don’t need to and save the money instead for better use or things which we can do together.

MCP-ness aside , he pampers me alot and takes good care of me  ( he doesn’t call me dear , darling or whatsoever , he calls me “Princess” in Korean lol which i hmmm enjoyed it actually. Sounds special mah !  ). I think that is the pros of being MCP. The man feels that he has the responsibility to take care of you and be responsible for you.

Though not a very good photographer , he always try his best when i asked him to take OOTD for me.

So here’s the ones he took on my birthday in our MBS room !

I told him i want to show the flow of the flare of the jumpsuit and i don’t know why this is the only photo that shows the “flow” lol. I was actually running to my phone on the dresser because it was ringing.


These are pieces launching on soon !

Btw, there are alot of “Top Korean restaurants list in Singapore” and so i decided to do my own list too !  I  have drafted a list of Korean restaurants that topped my bf’s list. Yes the list was according to his reference and palate lol. He said he needs to vet through first before i can click the publish button. So well , let me vet through this weekend and hopefully i can share with all of you next week  !