Happy weekend !

Took these photos at BJ Photo factory located at Tanjong Pagar by a Korean photographer based in SG last week !

Nope , this is not a wedding photo . Lol we had some times after shooting some Agneselle pieces and i saw a hanbok so i asked whether i can wear it.

Put your index and thumb together to form a heart shape ( *that’s the pose in the pictures below ).

Love the hanbok colours. Would want a yellow+red , navy+red , or yellow+pink one like the one below for wedding !

2015-05-07-Peiling-model-30634 2015-05-07-Peiling-model-30635

Oh yay it is friday !

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  1. You look so pretty in hanbok!!

  2. swsmel0dy says:

    Hi Peiling, where do you go for Korean classes? Or any recommendation on where to learn Korean?
    Thank you.

  3. Peiling says:

    You can try Singapore Korean International School at Bukit Timah

  4. Peiling says:

    Thanks dear 🙂

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