The last time i shot in a studio was probably 3 years ago ? Did one at a Korean studio BJ Photo factory 2 weeks ago and that was where i took my Korean Hanbok photos.

Here are upcoming pieces for tomorrow !

Trust me , you will love this pleated midi skirt. I love it esp the one in Red and Grey ! For the office ladies who want to go fora more “OL” look , black or grey will be a better choice. On casual day out , you can pair it with crop tops and a pair of sandals or wedges. Whereas on any occasions , you can pair with heels. The fabric is really comfortable and nice. It gives you the flow when you walk. Comes with inner lining as well.



I bought the original piece from a high street brand and it was too tight under the ribs. The hem seems to “press” on my fats and created a budge. So i made my own version that is a little wider at the bottom so it won’t “‘press” on your waist fats and create a budge. I added a zip at the back too because the original piece does not come with zip and it was so tight that it almost ruined my eye make up and my top was stained with my eyeliner or lipstick.

This top really goes with any bottom ! You got to have it. Because me too kept all colours to match with my skirts and pants.


The little mermaid skirt. Added a mermaid trumpet hem. The skirt looks really cute. Cobalt Blue and White are my favourite pieces. Crochet top is an upcoming piece as well.



I know im not young anymore but i kinda like little cutesy details lately just like how the mermaid skirting pops out like the picture below.


And a simple lace skirt for your beach getaway this summer !


They will be available on 19th May , Tuesday 9pm !