K-Beauty time !

1.5 months ago when i went to Korea and when i went to Oppa’s mum’s house , she gave me ALOT of masks , serums and facial wash. Just like me , we have many similar interests which i talk about other day. One of them is SKINCARE !

She gave me a new bottle of Maxclinic Oil Cleansing foam. It is an oil cleanser which turns into foam when you lather in water. She said this is very good and after alot of research and just like what she said , this is quite a popular choice among the locals. Because it turns into foam , it is easy to wash off. You know , you still feel like there is a film of oil after you rinse the normal cleansing oil off. But this one doesn’t have the feeling and infact , it never make my skin feels dry or oily at all. It also removes make up. I use this in the day and my HERA whitening cleansing foam one at night now. There are the rose oil , vitamin c and the caviar one which im using now.

Texture is like gel and when you apply on dry skin , it feels like cleansing oil and after you lather with water , it turns into foam and very easy to rinse off. And true enough , it does brighten my skin tone after cleansing.

I like this cleanser and it doesn’t seem to be selling anywhere. Oppa’s mum got it online and shipped to home. You can try from Gmarket. I saw them selling there.

I’ve been travelling to my Bf’s hse often and im so glad there is a new Korean beauty variety show – Beauty Bible and other shows to keep me occupied when i took public transports.  It is already at its 3rd episode. The host is Kwanghee. Though i don’t like him (because i always find him abit too fact and over reacting “unnaturally” , i like the content of the show. I watch all my shows on a Korean website.

But you can find them in youtube with subtitles.

Have a good night !