Agneselle is launching at 9pm tonight !

I really love the pieces from this launch because they really reflects my style and stuff from my personal wardrobe.

The pieces are classy , feminine and the fabrics are soft and comfortable. Especially the pants where we use a more “breathable” material that is soft and falls on you nicely. The waistband has a unique shape both front and back.

It is available in Cream and Black.


Another one of my favourite.

This jumpsuit is absolutely my favourite among all the jumpsuits that were launched so far.

The ruched m-shape bust neckline and the flare at the bottom.

The fabric is also “breathable” and falls comfortably on your body shape. I wore the white piece on my birthday.



Not to forget this beautiful and chic Moto Zip skirt which i wore to Malacca. The Royal Navy one is my favourite colour.


And this cutsy bralet with crochet trims !

You don’t want to miss this piece too. It goes well with any high waisted bottom and easy to match !


All these will be available on 24th May , Sunday 9pm .