K-beauty time again !

It’s been almost 1.5 years since i blogged about K-beauty products. Recently , received several requests to blog more about K-beauty products. Well , because i buy my own products (not sponsored so they are my genuine reviews ) and only buy those that i need , so i can only blog about those i bought , used and are good enough to be recommended. I don’t review about a make up product or whatever when i didn’t even use it. You can see from the lipsticks i reviewed and the make up products’ casing. They were used many times before ( unless i stocked up alot of the same colour and used the new one to take picture instead ).

I bought some products and they are abit of a disappointment so i didn’t blog about them. And i was kinda busy so i lost track of what i have not reviewed and what i have reviewed. LOL. But one thing for sure , im gonna blog about my daily 5-6 steps hair care now. Ya , so i can spent less money at salons and do some DIY treatment at home for mere $5. And some make up products which i recently used.

In SG , people who go for facials often , they should know the basic process of cleansing , exfoliating,  extractions of black heads on your nose ( some facial spas are still using the painful extraction method  , but some aesthetic clinics stopped using the painful extractions method because it is painful. So they used machines instead which is effective in clearing your black heads and there is no pain. I did mine at Aeon aesthetics and medical clinic HERE )  , applying of serums , essences , ampoules and finally the mask pack.

If you have had Korean facials done in Korea before , you will get to experience the Kyung-Rak facial massage. There are many kinds and some include the use of jade , stones etc . But the basic one is the use of fingers to press on pressure point and lifting strokes. It is a facial massage method which helps to stimulate better blood circulation , detox , slimming and lifting effect. Of cos , you cannot expect instant lifting or slimming immediately unless you do it constantly. It is a traditional anti-aging facial massage.

I had it done in Korea 2 yearsa ago. It was really relaxing and the strokes are very different from the normal facials you go to. They focus on certain pressure points and lifting massage strokes. The last time i had it done in Korea , the ahjumma massaged my face with Korean facial massage oil that was made with Red Ginseng , my shoulders and down to my chest. Ya..abit strange for someone to massage your chest. I was told it will help to achieve perkier chests if you do it constantly and also helps it to grow bigger. Also, you can ask for whole body massage.

The massages are usually done in the middle of facial treatments. The massage starts after cleansing and exfoliating.

Some people find it painful but i don’t find it painful. In fact there was no pain and it felt so comfortable and nice that i wish it can go on and on and on. LOL.

I recently had a good and relaxing facial+ Korean facial massage by my favourite aesthetician , Esther Jang ( blogged about it before. Click HERE ) . She is an experienced aesthetician and you can feel it from her strokes. She is experienced in Korean facial massages too.

Facial massages are the most shiok part in facial treatments. You should try if you have not.

Any way , i already have a list of “to buy beauty products” for my Sept trip to Korea. That includes collagen creams , ampoules and some new make up products. But first , let me get a sample to try it out first. I don’t want to waste my money on a full size bottle and ended up chucking it one side. My make up table are full of make up and skin care products. No space to even put my mobile phone on the table now !

I hope i can get to perm my hair there. I recommended my friends to perm in Korea. One of them got S-curl + cut for only $120 and the other one with long hair did loose waves + cut for mere $150. I don’t know which salon they go to but one of them went to the one i recommended ( Hwamiju hair salon ) . If you are going to Korea for holiday, just keep one morning ( 3hrs ) to get your hair cut , dyed , treatment and permed there. Guy’s hair cut only $10. My Oppa cut his hair only $10 in a salon ( includes wash ). It is sooo much cheaper , very fast , good service like getting manicures , hand massages or watch a drama on their ipad or even have your lunch when you are waiting.

Just get your beauty products , hair , eyelash extensions and mani/pedicures done there.

Im sure you will get addicted ( of cos unless you go to places that try to “ka-dok” tourists then it is different story lah ).

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This is the last collection before the new style make up over which will be more fun and feminine.