Can’t sleep at 1am because my brain was working from day till night.

And i slept alot for the past few days after eating fedac ( because i caught a cold , flu and fever ) .

Well , at least before i fell sick , i got to satisfy my sushi cravings.

My first visit at Sushi Bar. I always pass by this place whenever i go to Far east plaza for lunch after my visit to Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic which is just right opposite. But the long queues deterred me from going in and also because it’s abit sad to eat at the sushi bar alone during lunch time when everyone are in groups for their lunch break.

Heh heh. So Jiaying was on leave that day and we decided to meet up for jap food and some light shopping.

My favourite Salmon handroll.

The food there was so nice that i went there 3 times in a week. Yes ..2nd time was with Oppa and 3rd time was with my sec school classmate. I had spicy salmon sushi on my 2nd visit and i love it. Preferred the spicy salmon handroll. It taste much better with the spicy sauce. The salmon were fat and juicy. I LOVE IT !

Scallop Mentaiyaki.

This is sooo delicious ! So nice i can order one plate myself and eat it all. My favourite dish at The Sushi Bar. You gotta order this.

Salmon Aburi roll.

This is Oppa’s favourite. The “fire-ish” taste is strong so it makes the whole thing so nice. Salmon were fat and juicy and the roll was well made.

I had this on my 2nd visit which was on Vesak day because there were promotions – 20% off selected sashimi. So we ordered my favourite salmon and oppa ordered his maguro.

The salmon was fat , juicy and fresh. It was very thick and sweet. Im not a tuna i didnt have the tuna sashimi.

The Sushi Bar was known for their Chirashidon besides the Scallop mentaiyaki and Salmon Aburi Roll.

The sashimi servings were very generous , well cut , thick , fat and juicy. Scallops , Yellow Tail , Sword Fish , Tuna , Roes , Salmon , Tomago and 1 more fish which i don;t know what is it. We ordered the normal chirashidon. This bowl of goodness cost only $24.90. There is no service charge or GST.

Now you know where my weight came from.

We went shopping for his work wear after that and he bought me Tarte cosmetics from Sephora.

I love the Tarte concealer and it just blends in so nicely without caking and it is moisturizing. Im gonna review it soon !


Cant believe i gained 10kg in just 2 years.

Not only because of the jap food , i made 9 rolls of Korean Tuna kimbab on saturday evening.

D said it was sooo nice and he ate 4 rolls. I made the remaining 5 rolls for his baseball team mate’s Sunday breakfast.

I got some radish in the fridge so i thought why not make kimbab since we have the seaweed and the radish. Just need to go to the nearest Fairprice to buy the cucumber and carrots.

Actually this is the first time i made tuna ones. Previously i replaced the tuna with sausages , spam ( luncheon meat ) , kimchi , beef or pork. I couldn’t find burdock though and i thought i will be nicer if there are burdock in these kimbab.

It took me soo long just to find the yellow radish. Because it was sold out or not available at the Korean supermarkets i went to. I went to Sol Mart at Novena , Lotte Mart at Tanjong Pagar and Shine mart at Cityhall. Shine marts are slowly filling up with chinese products and machiam some mama shop and losing its “Korean supermarket” feel anytime soon. Cant find much variety of authentic Korean sauces there and they sold those chinese ones only which you can just grab from fair price or any mama shop lah. The only comforting fact is that they have more variety of seaweeds that’s all. The outlet at Cityhall is still not bad..It is bigger and better chances of finding Korean sauces and ingredients.

It is actually very to make Kimbab. Just that the preparation takes a longer time.

Firstly you have to cook the rice. Use Korean rice which is abit sticky and bigger. After cooking it , cool it and mix it with sesame oil and some vinegar. The sesame oil makes the kimbab rice more fragrant.

Slice cucumber and carrot into cube stripes. For 9 rolls , i used 1 cucumber and 2 carrots. And also i got a pack of Dodo crab stick from Fair price. I can’t find the long strip ones that are for kimbabs. So i steam the crab sticks and cut them into half with scissors.

2 cans of water tuna.

Eggs. Pan fry it in a nice circular omelette size and slice them into strips. I forgot to buy eggs so i didn’t add eggs in my kimbap. It will taste better with eggs and budock though.

1 pack of kimbab seaweed. There are 2 kinds of seaweed. 1 is for eating it with rice and kimchi or the normal korean meals whereas one is just for Kimbab. So you have to buy the correct one . If not it will tear very easily or too salty.

Buy a bamboo sushi roller. You can get from Korean supermarkets for $1.50-$2.

Put the Seaweed on the sushi roller and spread the rice with your clean fingers. The rice will stick to your fingers and may cause the seaweed to tear. So prepare a small bowl of water to damp your hands. Make sure your hands are not too wet because you don’t want the seaweed to end up become soggy and it will tear when you try to roll it.

If your hands and fingers are damp , the rice will not stick to it and it is easier for you to spread the rice on the seaweed.

Then use the back of the spoon and spread half of the seaweed with a layer of tuna.

Then stack the radish , cucumber , crabstick , carrot and burdock ( if you can find it ) and the roll it with bamboo roller

Leave it aside and use a brush and brush a layer of sesame oil on top. Slice it into slices and sprinkle roasted sesame seeds.

Very easy right. But the slicing of cucumbers and carrots takes alot of time. You have to remove the cucumber seeds too because it is watery and may cause the seaweed to wet and tear.

Haha Oppa took pictures half way before he started he eating my kimbaps and ingredients. When i was making the 4th roll , he already finished 3rd roll. So sorry dear all , i will try to take pics of the step by step next time i make it again k which will probably be end of June ?

You see lah…i ate so much that’s why i can’t model already. Lol.

Just kidding. But yes , my weight is one of the reason.

Well you know i have been modeling for for 7.5 years already. It is hard to find a reliable and sincere models and photographers. Some are so gossipy and go around gossipy their client’s work and everything. I don’t like politics and i don’t like working with these kind of people. It makes things and everyone around tired. And i know i trust people to easily and one thing i learnt is that i should keep tight lipped about my own things and personal matters. These few weeks gonna be busy with my photographers.

It took me very long to decide on the models i want to use. And im happy with my choices.

 I went around shopping lately for my model’s shoes because some of them are bigger than mine. But im glad that one of them is my size lol and can wear all my shoes which i bought for AE’s shoot over the years. I collected a mountain high of shoes for shoots for the past 7.5 years. Gosh.


Being a model is not easy and i understand how tiring it will get. I don’t push my models and give them a break if they are tired. They are so professional that even if they are tired , feeling really hot and stuffy in the changing tent, they just continue going on and on. But being a model myself , i know by which outfit and going in and out of the changing tent will she feel really tired and drained. Sometimes you can see on their faces but when the camera is on , they will do their best to be on form and having good shots.  So if you are hiring a model for shoots , give them a break if they need to so they can perform better.

Starting to feel abit tired now and i need to wake up super early tomorrow for a full day of appointment , visit to my Korean hairstylist and some work to do.

Agneselle has just launched a new collection on 2nd June ! Remember to catch that and we have more exciting designs coming up in June !

Have a good weekend ! OMG its weekend again ! YAY !