I have a photoshoot at 730am in the morning tomorrow and its already 11pm now. I can’t sleep :((((  Even though im not the one modeling anymore , i still need to prepare the styling etc and it is more tiring lol. And im always scouting for accessories for shoots.

Finally , the launches are back to normal. And we have launched 4 collections in a spam of 2 weeks. Just today , a new dress..yup only one dress launched.

I was having lunch with a friend when she told me that it is difficult to find affordable dresses for her bridesmaids. They are either expensive or can only be worn once. She wanted something where her bridesmaids can still wear to work or casual day out after that special day.

And i thought so too. And here’s a sweet little pleated dress.

For work and for that special day as a bridesmaid , you can pair with pumps or strappy heels.

On casual day out , i wore it with sandals or flats.

The neckline has a slimming effect and makes you look lean.

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Most people will go for pastels but i think black will be a good choice too. Go with pink and white flower bouquets ( like the one one the mode ) or flower hand bands for your bridesmaids. It makes the brides stands out more (cos she will be wearing white ) and the bridesmaids will be center of attention too because not many bridesmaids will wear black. If you are not superstitious , i suggest you go for the black one. You can wear it to work easily also.


I can’t wait for JUNE ! Oh wait.hahaha its June already.

There will be style makeover in Agneselle’s launches and thank you all so much for your support !

I have already gotten the pictures from my photographer friend , Clarence Aw but i guess i will put them up on Agneselle’s facebook page and over on my blog here near the launch date.

No time to even update my instagram this week. Too busy and don’t know why after typing this , i feel like sleeping already. Just got well from my cold. What the..fell sick 4 times in 2 months. Time to pop some vitamin C pills !

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  1. Great idea for bridesmaid dresses. Love it!

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