Last week was a busy week meeting many people , talking about my future and planning our future.

Im so glad that i have the support of my family , friends and my bf. I have been hole-ing up at my bf’s place because that’s the place i can find comfort , encouragement and advices. He is just like my advisor , best friend and my bf. I really felt very well taken care of. We talked about our future, PR in Korea, what is best for us and our future. I felt really stable and settled down when im with him and it makes me cherish the relationship even more.

I’ve been supporting him in his baseball activities every Sunday. I would rather he spend time exercising and staying at home glued to the ipad watching baseball updates on Lotte than partying around. It is a healthy activity and i get to eat yummy Korean food every week with his team mates ! YAY ! He is soo into baseball lol.

As a token of appreciation for my support ( making kimbabs and watermelons on hot sunny days)  , his team bought me a perfume as present. I love it and i need a perfume.


This was taken right after his weekly bottles and cartons of beer or beer+soju sessions after sunday baseball practice aka drunk. I was surprised that bf’s OOTD taking skill was pretty good and better than when he was sober. LOL.

That’s how i take my own OOTD with a dining mirror.

2 weekends ago , we went to Singapore American School to collect the baseball bats the team left behind and then to Bishan Park for a walk.

Sat at the bench just next to the door run and looking at dogs playing around. Should have brought my Bobo down the dog run.

This dog is soo cute and fluffy like a teddy bear !

We haven’t been to a cafe for a looong time because we felt that cafe food are kinda overpriced and the taste only so-so. Plus , he is a big

We were kinda disappointed with the food and thought the nearby Macdonalds will be better.

Nevertheless , we had a lovely weekend together and i also made him sandwiches for breakfast.

I was supposed to cook spicy tuna pasta because i missed the one we had in Rotterdam last year when he was posted to Europe for work. But we ran out of gas so i have to rush down to Fair Price , bought white bread and made sandwich instead. If only we have a bread toaster , it will taste better.

It is easy to make and very nice !

Just need spicy tuna with mayo , rocket salad,  olives and bread. Tadahhh .

Ahhhh I missed the 5 weeks stay in Europe.

The rockets go well with the spicy tuna.

Remember i mentioned about this TARTE makeup which i really like ?

Yes , i love their concealers. It is so moisturizing and so easy to blend with fingers. I prefer to blend it with my finger tips than using a sponge for this one though. I tried with a damp sponge but seems like it works better when i blend with finger tips instead.

I can’t remember the price because Oppa bought for me. Nah..hahah he knows nothing about make up. He just wanted to get me some stuff lol. Incase you wonder how come he knows this concealer is good and incase people start asking me to get him to introduce make ups. LOL …i think he will faint.

You can see the “sheen” and that’s how moisturizing it is.


After blending with finger tips. It looks very natural and blends in easily. I love it ! Doesn’t look like im wearing any concealer at all. I realized i dont need to use under eye highlighter when i use this because it is moisturizing enough and there is already a slight sheen.

What i think TARTE should improve is that they should indicate the colour code or number in more obvious way.
It was printed at the back of the tube in black. Sooo black that it blends into the dark purple colour packaging and it is hard to see. click onto the image below and try to squint your eyes. It is just right above the words”Full Coverage”. It says “Light Medium” .

Even the Sephora lady mentioned the wrong colour when she helped me with the tester. I almost got the wrong one. I always open up the box to check the colour and was shocked to see a very very dark brown concealer colour. She mentioned something like dark sand (tester that she tried on the back of my hand) but actually the one i tried was Light Medium. Anyway , i only shop at Sephora if brands like TARTE doesn’t have a flagship beauty counter in department stores or if i know what i want to buy. I find the staff there not very helpful at times and sometimes i have to open the drawers myself to get what i want myself or it is difficult asked for advices. So if i want to buy from the major brands , i prefer going to the counters at department stores because the counter ladies have more product knowledge.

So remember to check your purchases before you pay.

This concealer is pretty good and i love it. I will buy the 2nd tube definitely !

Btw , is launching soon !
Guess which one is my favourite ?

The shoulder padded dress , jumpsuit and parka !

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Anyway, this blue dress is “damn hot” said my oppa. I wore it out over the weekends with a 4.5 inches high wedges and he said “so pretty and hot!”. But of cos on normal days , i pair it with sandals or flats. Even on lazy days , i wear it with havis.

I envy this model. She is soo tall (1.77m) and have a waist smaller than mine (she’s 23 inches whereas im 23.5-24 inches).

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