K-beauty time.

Visited Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre last week to remove 2 small moles on my cheeks. There were 3 but i decided to remove 2 first and the 3rd one this coming week. To those who asked me about mole and millia seeds removal , you can consult Dr Kim first before you decide to proceed with the procedures. Small mole removal procedure is very fast and not painful. There is no need for numbing cream. 3-5 minutes and they were zapped off.

After the laser , there will be 2 small little wounds. Just like a needle prick wound and it can be easily covered by make up. My wounds are healing very fast in a week ( i circled them in red and you can still see abit of pinkish because they are still recovering ) . Im going to remove the 3rd one on the left cheek.

The clinic does mole and millia seeds removal so you can call them at 67332002 to enquire.

Laser toning really helps me and i go for laser toning every 10 days. This was my 2nd time and the skin does brighten up. I can see the difference when i put on make up. There is no need for thicker foundation coverage and sometimes, i went out without any BB cushions or foundations and felt more confident with my bare face. Usually when i go to Oppa’s place , i will put on the HERA UV Mist Cushion and a lipstick or go there with no make up and just a black cap. I didn’t put alot of make up since i will be washing them off right after i arrive at his place. But lately , i just take the train with bare face and just lip tints to his place.  Im starting my intensive Laser Toning Treatment now to achieve even skin tone. My skin tone was abit uneven due to long sun exposure when i was still modeling for my online shoot. The outdoor shoots tanned my skin and causing it to be abit uneven.

Every season , Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Centre will come up with new treatments. Last year was Winter Glow , then it was Spring Blossom and this summer , it is Summer Shine.

The treatment comes with a Korean Doublo collagen boosting treatment and 3 medical facials.

Summer Shine’s facial includes Arbutin concentrate.

I have to hold on to this current rod during the process while the aesthetician apply and massage my face with the electric current road soaked with Arbutin concentrate.

This process is known as Iontophoresis where ionic medicinal compounds are introduced into your skin by applying an electric current. There is no pain or discomfort involved so no worries. But if you are sick or pregnant , it is better to inform the doctor to see if you are suitable to continue or not.

After which , the aesthetician put on a mask pack and i rested for 15 minutes. Just like the name of this treatment , this treatment gives you a glow and shine to your face this summer. Looking radiant during this season. To know more about this treatment , you can click HERE or call 67332002 to make an appointment with Dr Kim.

If you are already a patient at Aeon , you can take part in this instagram event. One of their winners just won a set of skin care products from Aeon !

1) Post your visit to Aeon on your instagram

2) Add hashtag #aeonmedical

3) Aeon will choose one person every 2 weeks to give a FREE gift !

Their official instagram account is @aeon_medical_aesthetic ! 

They will be updating their instgram account with Korean beauty tips , news , traditions , travels and more ! You can follow them if you want to know more about Korean beauty tips from Dr Kim who is a Korean doctor.

In their clinic, you can find several Korean travel brochures , cultural books , magazines and i even got a cooking tip booklet from there. I read it while waiting for Dr Kim and sipping my hot cup of Korean tea.


Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre is located at Pacific Plaza at Orchard Road and it is very convenient. You can call 6733 2002 to enquire or make an appointment.

Btw , i haven’t been blogging actively for a week because i was busy studying and working of cos.

But well , i finally done up the list of Korean restaurants recommended by Oppa. LOL. Took very long to do up this list because we go to new place and i have to add it in again before i could post. We hardly go to Korean restaurants lately because we eat Korean food at his friends’ house instead ! So i guess it is a good time to blog one list now and maybe the 2nd one after we visited more and he gave his verdict !

Have a good weekend everyone !