Remember the last time i blogged about my friend who started up an app ? It is a networking app where you can meet people who are near you for lunch or a meal ! I met a lunch kaki and i blogged about it HERE.
Though it is an app about looking for lunch partner , you can get to network with people from all walks of life. Some girls may feel uncomfortable meeting people of the opposite sex for lunch. But no worries ! you can meet people of the same gender for a meal too !
The co founder is actually my good friend and i decided to blog about his app because it is a really good app   for people to make new friends, even for attached people like myself who wants to network for my business.  The more people you meet, the more opportunities you will have. I am very happy to see that inside the Lunch Kaki community is a growing positive community where the people are all working professionals from different walks of life. When i first started using the app, it was unstable at the beginning, crashes many times and being told that many users dropped off during that period.But now my friend spent alot of effort and months working to improve this app for everyone. Now , the app is fine and steady. Alot of users and i have many people sending me lunch requests too.
I blocked out the person’s ID for privacy purposes. This was screenshot from my mobile phone.



Right now, I am proud that my good friend has churned out what could be Singapore’s most popular social networking app. As the campaign now is “GO LOCAL” What can be more local then this? We are talking about Lunch Kaki
Ask every singaporean what is Lunch Kaki, they will or definitely tell you they have at least 1 lunch kaki each.
Lunch Kaki is a social networking app designed to help ordinary folks get out there and socialise with like-minded people during lunch.
Here are some interesting features.
1) Last Minute Lunch : This is where you can really find a lunch partner last minute. Previously the app wasn’t able to do so. How it works is you turned on the Last Min Function, you will be searchable and likewise can search for fellow lunch kakis who have turned on the function as well for the next 10 minute time frame. In this case, you can instantly see who are near you and available for last minute lunches. Just click on the user and send a lunch request to arrange an immediate lunch. As simple as that. I wished this was created earlier haha cause sometimes while I am running errands, there are times where I am alone. Hmm but i must say, I am more in favour to meet girls than guys lol. Cause knowing more girls, i am able to find out what’s their thinking about Agneselle’s clothings.
2) Perkies: I asked my good friend what is Perkie. He tells me this is going to be something big in the future. But for now it works like a “Like”. Just click on the icons under the avatar and you are sending some sunshine to fellow lunch kaki users. haha.  You will also find that you can select 3 status under my profile. In the mood for something sweet (cake) , I miss the bed (coffee) and My stomach’s growling (burger) . Once you choose any one of them,  fellow users will see the corresponding icon being lighted up in the user listing. They can then give you accordingly 😛  Another way how Perkies is used is just like a facebook or instagram like , perhaps if you see an interesting bio, you just feel like giving him/her a Perkie!
3) Random Lunch: This used to be called Free For Lunch (FFL) but too many people get confused! haha. They thought they have to on it before they can send out lunch requests.  Random Lunch is actually just a simple random game of fate where you schedule a future date, time and preference gender. If the corresponding matches, a chat box will automatically appear where both of you can then proceed to chat and arrange the lunch session.

Personally , i felt that the app was abit slow and laggy when it first started which i feedback to my friend but now it works pretty fast and there are more and more users in the app which means better networking opportunities. The first thought or impression by anyone who saw this app will be that it is just another dating app. Nope , it is not though some people may use it for dating opportunity. But the main focus and objective for this application is to allow individual to increase their network and their social circle. If you are a working adult or fresh grad who just started work , you should know that networking is very important for your work life and how it can help you in your work and career.  That is why you see quite a number of professionals ( if you click under SEARCH KAKI ) who work in the finance industry , civil servants , real estate industry etc.

Of cos if you just want to make a new friend or someone to enjoy a meal with , this will be a good app for you too.

You know , sometimes you feel abit hmmm lonely and shy to go out for lunch or a meal alone ? I sat at a sushi bar alone and eating my sashimi and sushi before and when suddenly a group of patrons came in and they sat beside me , laughing and talking happily . I really want to finish up my food fast and leave at that time because it can get abit lonely. Especially where my lunch timing is pretty flexible and most of my friends worked in the CBD area and no one that i know of works at my office building which is at Sin Ming . Plus , there are alot of cafes at Thomson Road and it will be good to find a lunch kaki.