K-food time !

We chanced upon this restaurant at Novena. Just beside United square. I don’t know the exact name of this building though.

Restaurant name is Nanta BBQ Korean Restaurant.

The chef was very nice and courteous. We got service drinks too. I think because Oppa is a Korean. LOL. I realized i seldom get service (drinks or extra dishes for free) when i go to Korean restaurants with a Singaporean unless i am a regular at that particular restaurant. I was regular at some restaurants and sometimes the soft drinks or a beer or makkoli were free of charge or i got extra kimchi jiggae or any stews. But lately , i seldom go to Korean resturants at Tanjong Pagar lately because i want Oppa to try different local dishes (peranakan , indian , malay , chinese etc etc ) and some restaurants changed the owner and management so i sometimes don’t get any service anymore unless i go with Oppa. LOL.


Oppa’s teammate came here before and he recommended the chicken + cheese set. But i was not in the mood for cheese and it was only 2 of us. The set will be better for 3 pax i think. But next time , im gonna try the chicken+cheese.


I was craving for stews. So we ordered the budaejjigae ( aka Army stew ).

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So yummy ! We finished the whole thing because we were hungry and i was craving for stews. Wasn’t the best i tasted yet but the attenttiveness from the chef and the servers , generous amount of spam and also the service drinks made it up. Side dishes are free flow too. Good to go and give it a try and tell me how is the chicken+cheese set okay ? It looks soo yummy on their FB profile page and menu. The BBQ pricing also not very expensive.

Anyway , gonna blog about my freckles removal later. I removed some freckles on my cheeks that was bothering me for awhile ! Finally…they will all be gone soon !