Nothing interesting happened this week so im just gonna post a random OOTD here.

Studying hard these days and im hardly online and hardly check my messages too.


2 weeks ago , it was pink. Last week was blue and this week was green.

Suddenly i felt so old during this shoot. LOL ..Chrystal (photographer) and the model are 10 and 14 years younger than me respectively.

Our sunday morning.

I spent this long weekend cooking ,studying and reading some books ! Oh and meeting friends for lunch and dinner too.

I eat alot when i was studying. Sit and wonder my tummy getting bigger.

Met up with my Korean class ex-classmates for dim sum at 126 Eating House in Geylang and went opposite for Mao Shang Wang durians !

I wished i could eat more but i wasn’t feeling well. So i had few seeds and the rest of the girls dabao back.

Weather was soo hot nowadays and i realized my pores started getting abit more obvious. Etude house sent me this product just in time . I used to use their Wonder Pore Freshner . I bought the big bottle from Korea  but i spilled everything in my luggage 😦 Came back with an almost empty bottle !

I kinda like this essence because it helps to smooth out the pores and makes applying make up much easier.

It gets absorbed quite easily and not oily.

Im glad that Etude house sent me this. Because i apply this together with my usual skincare products before applying make up. I concentrate on my nose , forehead and chin area which are prone to enlarged pores.

Talking about pore care , there are several ways to do it.

The fastest and effective way is to go through aesthetic procedure. I did mine at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre.

HERE is the more detailed post which i did few months ago.

I did it again together with my 2nd freckles removal via BBL last week. Im going for the 3rd BBL session soon.

Picture below was taken after the freckles removal BBL.

There is also the DIY kit where you buy the nose patches which helps to “dissolve” the dirt in your pores before you extract or squeeze it out yourself with a black head extractor. This may not be effective if you don’t know how to squeeze or extract properly. The first time i did it , i had several abrasions because i extracted too hard and im left with alot of red marks on my nose for several days. It was really painful. I got this box of patches from Korea and blogged about it HERE before.


Ive been listening to alot of Yiruma’s piano pieces and hmmm cant get Big bang’s Bang Bang Bang out of my head too.

If you are looking for nice piano pieces for your wedding march in or montage , you can try the pieces from Yiruma. I love these piano pieces. When i was taking a break from my books , i will listen to his pieces to relax my mind before i continue.

Yiruma is a famous Korean pianist. I love his pieces.

This is my favourite : River Flows in You.

Very touching hor…

More videos to share. This one damn funny.

Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

The more aggressive and naggy one is from Busan. If you understand Korean and abit of Busan Saturi , you will find his Seoul mother vs Busan mother very hilarious.

The subject : When you asked your mother to buy delicious food for you , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

Subject : When your mother caught you watching porn , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

Subject : When you asked your mother if you can keep a puppy , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

*The last part when the mother asked him to ask his father. The father said “NO” , full stop lol. Oppa is from Busan and i agree with the last part lol. When he say “NO”. That’s a full stop. LOL damn funny

Subject : When you have no $$ for taxi and asked your mother to come down and pay for it , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

If you understand the language , you will find this videos very funny.

If not ask your Korean friends to watch them and explain to you.