Taking a break from the books this weekend. Oppa’s friends are coming to SG and we are going to tour guides for 2 days !

I cant wait for next week. It is going to be a challenging start for me πŸ™‚ Not used to waking up early at 730am every morning but im gonna start adjusting my body clock now !

Well , there are nice pieces coming up on http://www.agneselle.com

Whatever i posted here are the pieces i kept.

Reason why you always see the green knit was because the model’s pic in green was one of the nicest. Her pose was perfect and soo nice lol. But i kept all these 3 pieces ( mint , blue and black ) . You can wear it off shoulder or the usual boat neck. But i prefer it worn as off shoulder. More sexy lah.

Mint stripes knit 3 Blue striped knit8 Black striped knit2

Next is this off shoulder top. I wore the blue one for one of the pics on my instagram @dancingsugar.

The top is actually not very short if you saw my instagram pic below. The model has a very long body so it may appear short on her. I paired this top alot with culottes in white. My favourite colour is actually the blue one because it is not a common colour. But my skin tone suits the pink one though.


Pink lace off shoulder 1 Blue lace off shoulder 6 White lace off shoulder6

Remember the dress Kang Sora wore the the awards ?

2014124124031z71vhks_T5_118796 (1)

Β It is supposed to be as boat neck actually but i thought off shoulder will be good too.

Lace Bodycon dress Navy2

Yup alot of off shoulders this week πŸ™‚
Another one in abstract prints. I love this prints and kept the one in white. I pair it with shorts on casual day out and with skirts or high waisted culottes on special occasions.

WHite Printed off shoulder3

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I can’t wait for the new week. Looking forward to new challenges , new aspirations , new industry , meeting new people and more πŸ™‚

Can’t wait !