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I have been a paying customer for some brands (esp Korean skincare brands) and lately i received their latest products that were mailed to me for reviews.  And of cos , i was happy to receive them !  One of the product was from LEADERS ( from Shilla Duty Free at Changi Airport ) .

So 2 weeks ago ,  Oppa and i were invited for a tour around Changi Airport transit lounge. Both of us are frequent travellers and he is out of town once every quarter of the year for biz trips or conferences. And to be honest , i didn’t know about other facilities at the airport until that tour.

Heh..the first thing i do and first place i got to when i check into the departure hall is the cosmetics and perfume duty free.
Im sure many of you do ! I usually buy my perfumes , chanel lipsticks or eyeliners from there. Or those traveller set Maybelline mascara , loccitane hand cream set or the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Because they are cheaper than buying them in town. I dont drink or smoke so i dont really go to the liquor section.

Oppa also buy his Kiehl’s facial products from the airport. He don’t buy them in town. So he will stock them up whenever he travels out of town. Because it is slightly cheaper and they have it in traveller set.

So we were pretty excited about this tour through the 3 terminals at Changi Airport. It means SHOPPING TIME in the transit hall !
Zara will be available in Changi airport T3 soon. I hope the pricing will be slightly cheaper though.

We started from T1 by taking a sky train from T3 which is our first meeting point.

Here we are at T1.

You can see the big SHILLA DUTY FREE signage. I always go to the one in the middle of the transit hall because it is the biggest and with the most selections.

You can find several Korean brands and they are mostly masks , essences and hand creams. Some brands can only be found in the airport transit lounge and it is not easy or you can’t buy them in town. Brands like It’s Skin , full range of masks from Leaders and Mediheal. So if you are travelling and forgot to bring your facial masks , you can buy the travel set from here at Shilla Duty Free.

yes , one of my favourite Korean brand – LEADERS. I love their masks. Oppa’s mother is the one who introduced me to this brand and got me the Vitamin C serum from Leaders.

I love this whitening mask. The masks from Leaders are made of fine cellulose and they are very soft. So it sets on your skin easily when you put it on your face. But becareful of your nails. It can tear the masks easily too. So you really have to use your finger tips when you adjust your mask. You should get this LEADERS masks. They are available at Shilla Duty Free in Changi airport. Was happy to receive these masks and im happily using them now.

Shilla Duty Free not only sell Korean make up or skincare products but also other international brands too like Urban Decay , YSL , Chanel , Benefit etc.

Usually i know what i want to buy and if i don’t have the time , i will order my make up or perfumes from and collect them. Especially when i have morning flights and when i want to sleep more at home and check in about 1 hour before departure. I will order my stuff online and collect it at the transit hall. It was a fast process. And of cos if that is i know what i want to buy and things or brands that i always use.

Here is Mr Shin shopping at Kiehl’s which is favourite brand and he has been using this brand for 10 years. He didn’t know he can shop for them online and collect before boarding.

Well , one thing i didn’t know about before this tour at Changi airport was the Plaza Premier Lounge.

I don’t know why but 3 out of my 5 flights to China are always delayed. And when it was delayed , i don’t know what to do. Oppa’s flight to Amsterdam for biz trip was delayed for 12 hours last year and for that 12 hours , he didn’t know where to go and what to do or where to sleep , rest or take a shower.

That is why i said the only thing i know about Changi Airport are the duty free stores. If your flight was delayed for up to 5 hours and you are tired and need to rest and get ready for a biz trip and meeting. You can go to the lounge. If im not wrong , certain passengers whose flights were delayed for up to a certain hours can enjoy this for free. Whereas some may need to pay. ($58 for 5 hours use where you can enjoy the food , beverages , private resting area and recharging station for your gadgets which i think is worth it).  You can enquire with your airline for more information to see if you can enjoy this facility for free or have to pay when your flights are delayed. If your flight was delayed and you can claim from your company , why not ?

In the lounge , you can get to enjoy buffet spread , coffee , resting area , recharging station for your gadgets , private resting area, shower etc etc.

My favourite goes to the laksa. You have to try it.  The auntie who prepared it was so friendly and kind. She gave me alot of taupok when i asked for it.

Oppa was waiting for his bowl of laksa and his first time trying laksa.

Self help area for coffee , tea and other beverages.

I love kueh pieti’s cripsy basket.

Enjoying my tea and cookies. Almost falling asleep because i ate too much.

*wearing Jamie Crop Top and Premium Culottes in White.

Somebody enjoying life and resting here. Now he knows there is a lounge and the facilities provided. Incase his flight got delayed infuture , he knows where to go.

The massage at Wellness spa was very good too. The uncle tried to speak to Oppa in Korean and it was kind of cute.

The massage was soo good and we both fell asleep. It is located at Terminal 2 , Level 3.  Try to call and make a booking first. When we were there , some passengers couldn’t get their massages because all the therapists were occupied.

This is very good. I was wondering if they have any outlets in town or not. I need leg massages.

So we started from T1 , then to T2 and then T3 where the DFS Wines and Spirits flagship duplex store is. I don’t drink so i don’t visit the wine and spirits shops. But Oppa drinks so he really knows how to appreciates the Whisky and Johnny Walker.


Finally he get to try the Singapore Sling from Raffles Long Bar at the 2nd level of the duplex.


And he tried 2 different Johnnie Walker Blue Label.


There are also gardens and greeneries at the airport. I was telling Oppa that his mother will love this and take alot of selfies here. Yes..she takes selfies and pretty good at editing too !

I had an enjoyable 4 hour tour around Changi Airport with Oppa. Felt like a trip to nowhere just shopping and enjoying the facilities that we didn’t know were available at the Changi Airport. Now we know what to do and where to go when the flights were delayed.

Best of all , i found and received this mask which i can’t find in town. I tried it once in Korea and i love the moisturizing and brightening effect. Im gonna review on the LEADERS masks which i got from Changi Airport Shilla Duty Free.

Look out for Leaders masks review soon ! If you are travelling out of town , you can go to Shilla Duty Free to buy their masks.

Im going to put on the LEADERS mask and then go to sleep soon. I have training from 9am – 5pm !  Need to focus 🙂