Finished a week of induction program and now it is internal training. Well , im happy to do what i always wanted to do and love doing. And also , getting to meet people with so much positivity everyday and every morning meetings.

Well , i went to Malacca with Jiaying , Bryan and Oppa over the weekend and we were back on time on 9th August midnight to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday.

Because i have one more last paper this week , i spent the remaining holidays at home studying and watching videos of the parade online. Oppa and i had cravings for Korean bbq suddenly on Monday for lunch. So he made a reservation at Seoul Restaurant at Regent Hotel. Lunch was $37.90 ++ per pax for Ala carte buffet. It is soooo worth it.

HERE is the buffet menu.






These are all free flow. But since we are here for BBQ , we only ordered the Kimchi pancake and Topokki. We can have the stews any other day and anywhere so we didn’t order that.



The beef are the best here. So go for the beef . And if you want pork , go for the Samgyeopsal will do.



Eh…but the lettuce is not included in the ala carte buffet menu and we have to pay for it.
Quite expensive for few pieces of lettuces ( $14.90++). Mushrooms are also not include and quite expensive. We paid $116 for 2 pax after GST which includes the lettuces. If we didn’t order it , it will cost us less than $100.

We had a total of 5 plates of beef (number B3 and B4 in the menu) and 1 plate of pork for BBQ.


We ordered Yangnyeom Galbisal (B3) and Galbisal (B4).

B3 was our favourite so we ordered 2 plates of that. All grilled and BBQed over charcoal.

DSC01827A DSC01820A

It is time i should really exercise and go for a run. I ate so much in Malacca , JB and at the Korean BBQ. Felt too overwhelmed now. Gosh.

If you want quality BBQ , Seoul restaurant is the place to go to ! The restaurant is very clean and comfortable and after the dinner , we sat down at the hotel lobby for a rest before walking over to Orchard MRT. Guess what , we didn’t had any dinner after our Korean BBQ lunch. Too full. Oh , the naengmyeon is free flow too. Koreans usually have cold noodles after BBQ. It is to “cool” your body after a heaty Korean BBQ. I don’t think many Singaporeans knew about this place though. The restaurant was only filled with Koreans when i went there. Bosses and waitresses are Koreans but there is a Filipno waitress. Definitely will be back there again.

Had alot of delicious and yummy tze char in JB all thanks to Jiaying and her BF , Bryan. Shall blog about the food in JB soon. So cheap and nice ( but crowded and need waiting time for the food to be served ). Im going  back there for seafood again !

A sneak peek of what’s coming soon ! Will post more soon with my JB food trail pictures.  There are so many people i want to thank lately. Gonna post more pictures together with those people i want to thank ! A post dedicated to my dear friends and also something abit more personal.

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