So , the shutter of my Olympus camera was jammed and i have to find a time to go down to the service centre. Hope it doesn’t cost alot.

I have cravings for Korean BBQ lately. I guess it was because i haven’t had it for a looong time. I used to have Korean BBQ once every 2 weeks.

On Sat , Oppa and i had dinner appointment at Bornga ( Star Vista outlet ) . This outlet is better than the one at Vivo . Not the food but the service and the speed they serve.


We ordered the signature Woo Samgyeop pork which is a kind of seasoned meat. There were 3 of us but we ordered 4 pax share of meat. It was soo yummy and im definitely going back to have more.



Topped up $9++ for the Haemul sauce to go along with the meat.

DSC01866 DSC01865

The extreme left dark red coloured sauce is the best sauce to go along with the meat but i prefer to dip into the salt+sesame oil sauce. I like the meat abit salty. The other sauce is the Samjang sauce.


Side dishes to accompany the meat are mostly salads and radish kimchi.

DSC01860 DSC01859 DSC01858

Long tray of refillable lettuces is part of the set.


I have cravings for Samgaetang ( Chicken Ginseng Soup ) lately and i finally ate it at Bornga.

We had 2 sets of Samgaetang after the 4pax portion of BBQ pork strips. I almost go on food coma after that but the meal was very sumptuous and delicious ! The reason why i have been visiting Bornga lately is because i am too lazy to go all the way down to Tanjong Pagar . There is an outlet in Vivocity which is near Oppa’s house. So it is convenient for us to have dinner there and go back home after a tiring day at work.


It is very yummy. Go try the Woo Samgyeop if you want to go to Bornga. Remember to make reservations !


Im suffering from dark eye rings nowadays and even concealer don’t help anymore 😦 Time to drink more water and have enough sleep over the weekend. Have been reading some stuff lately and missed all my K-dramas. Gonna catch up on the dramas when im in Korea which will be in 4 weeks time !