Grr…i must find a time to go to River Valley to fix my Olympus camera. The shutter jammed and totally cannot work 😦 And my Korea trip is just 20 days away. Got to make do with my phone camera and hope i can get my camera back before my trip.  Supposed to blog some new K-dishes too but all the pics were gone 😦 Arghhhh…

Last week , i went out with the Oppas , their wives/gfs for dinner at 2D1N and then we went down to Kream Beer bar for drinks. Pretty nice and cool place. A good place to chill out and bar snacks.


Because i am not a good drinker , i ordered the small glass and awww..the glass came with cute mustache print.


We ordered “Jwi-po”쥐포 which is a kind of BBQ fish snack. Pretty addictive !


And some cheese sticks to go with our beer.


This is not a place for dinner but a good place to hang out with your friends or colleagues for beer and some bar snacks.

And a week plus ago , i went to one of my old hair stylist at Raffles place. When i was working at One Raffles Quay back in 2009 – 2011 , i always go to her to get my hair cut , dyed , washed and blow !

Now i got a nice layered hair cut. She is the only one i go to whenever im at Raffles Place.


I had laser toning session done at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre too ! Face is now clear and nice. You should try the new Hydra Facial. It helps to hydrate your skin for a more radiant shine.

You can call the clinic at 6733 2002 for an appointment if you are interested and keen in Korean aesthetics . Dr Kim and his staff are Koreans but they speak fluent English. Dr Kim speaks good American English.

I am going for another session of BBL laser to remove the remaining freckles on my cheeks which i blogged about it HERE before. I cannot remember the price of the removal but it is pretty affordable because it was charged by per shot of BBL laser.

Abit busy with work and serious reading lately. Lack of sleep and my eyelids were so swollen and high that they looked like i just had surgery done. Hate swollen eyelids but i love the prominent double eyelids. Ironic isn’t it.
Fortunately , i am pretty strict and stringent with my skincare routine. I will hydrate my skin properly on days when im very tired. Because tiredness can cause the skin to be abit dry at times. I also keep a facial mist in the office because of the air con.


I had some new Korean facial masks and supposed to take pictures of the packaging but my camera spoilt and i threw the packaging away already 😦 Gotta wait till i go to Oppa’s house and take pictures of the mask packs again.

I can’t wait for my next Korea trip. It is going to be very exciting because this time im going to learn more about the history. We are going to visit the ancient capital of Silla Dynasty – Gyeongju. I am bugging oppa for a countryside Hanok stay experience. A city girl like me never stay at the countryside before mah…so i want to go and stay for 2 days 1 night as an experience. Also , i had added quite abit of skincare products into my shopping cart and waiting for a week before my trip to buy and send it to Oppa’s mum house and i can collect it when i go there. Stocking up on my HERA skincare produts and UV Mist cushions too ! But im trying out other brands’ serums because Hera doesn’t have a wide range of serums.

Here’s something i added into my online shopping cart from Hyundai Mall site.

I am only interested in the serum ( the one in the middle ) from LEADERS. I really like the LEADERS Vita C Serum , LEADERS, Cell-Derma and AHC masks which Oppa’s mother bought for me. Can’t wait for her to introduce me more skincare products which i cannot get in SG. She is really very good at these and can even buy them in bulks and have it delivered to her home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.11.21 PM

So many things to look forward too..My work , Korea trip and more !!

Im waiting for Summer sale and all the 1+1 deal before i click the BUY button.

Though i am abit busy lately , i will still make up some time to blog here at least once or twice a week with new updates on K- beauty and K-food.