So , i will be away for 2 weeks in Korea again.

Im looking forward to more food especially my favourite BBQ.

Kind of busy lately with a new work lately and also Agneselle is shifting to a new storage place which is the reason why there is no new launch yet because everything is moving from place A to place B so it makes it abit difficult for packing.

So what is my new work about and what i am doing and why am i doing it ?

Some of you knew and some still don’t know yet. But this job is a meaningful job and i get to meet people from all walks of life and see the problems they are facing.

Actually i have penned and drafted my thoughts here. But maybe i shall reveal what it is this weekend. Because it is 3.30pm now and i have yet to finish packing my luggage and to update my new work schedule. My flight is in the evening !

Gotta hurry up and watch this space this weekend.

New launch should be up soon next week. Hopefully when at least 80% of the stuff are shifted to the new place.

Pic taken by my trusted photographer friend , Clarence Aw . Someone whom i have known for many years and only we met quite often recently. Trust him so much that i dont even need to be there and can trust him with everything without supervision.