Busan : Shop Eat Sleep

Tadah…im here in Busan.

And i have good news to share !

But before i do , let’s talk about what food i had here and the beauty products i got so far.

Besides receiving the HERA products i bought from my friend’s mum. The reason why i dont go to Lotte Mall or Shinsaegae was that i do not need to lug all the bottles of products back. They are really heavy because of the glass like bottles. So i will order from her who is an Amore Pacific counter counsellor and she will deliver to our house in Busan.

Also , Oppa’s mum welcomed me with a big bo of Cel-derma masks. I love their masks because they are moisturizing. I love their eye patches especially . I will put it on before i put on my make up sometimes because it is kind of firms up the eyes and putting on concealer is much easier.


The new hydrogel masks from Cel-Derma which Oppa’s mum bought for me. I love the design on the box.

I tried the eye patch already and i love it. I have not tried the face masks yet. Will review it later.

This is something you can consider getting if you are looking for hydrogel eye patches.


I already started using it. She also got me a V-lift collagen mask just for the jaw. Supposedly to use it like a medical mask and wrap it around your jaw in a Vshape.

Besides all the beauty stuff , she also prepared alot of food for us.
We arrived at 6,30am in Busan and she cooked Kimchi dumplings for us. They are soo yummy.


We took a nap before she brought us to a popular Jjajangmyeon and Jjangbbong restaurant.
They taste so good that i can taste the “wo hei” in the noodles and soup. So damn nice !

DSC01939A DSC01941A DSC01942A

After which we went back home to have Korean grapes , did some work and it is dinner time.

She cooked a big pot of chapjae


Salad in Korean sesame salad sauce and she drizzled alot of chai seeds and  i want to buy a bottle of the salad sauce back because it tastes so good. Shall take a picture after i bought it from the mart. Incase you are going to Korea and you love the salad , you should get this sauce.


And she cooked spicy bulgogi too.


So yumz that i almost had food coma after that. I really want to learn how to cook all these and if i managed to master it during this trip , i will blog about the recipe ! So far i have 2 friends who tried my bean paste soup recipe and they love it. I got the recipe from oppa’s mum too.

Got people asked me before are those hand masks and leg masks useful ?
Hmmm im not really a fan of these though because i tried the Primera one which is a brand under Amore Pacific. It wasn’t that impressive though. Probably because i have really dry hands or it doesn’t work well . I have to carry hand cream anywhere i go to.

DSC01928A DSC01929A

You can buy a few to try first but wont recommend stock up yet.

Btw i just went for 3rd round of freckles removal last week. Im gonna blog about it soon after the last few specks fall off. I did mine at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre. I had blogged the last 2 sessions before and you can find it under AEON Aesthetics tag found at the right side bar.

This coming weekend is Chuseok holiday. Going to experience new culture experiences this coming weekend with my new family. And i have to pay respect to Oppa’s dad who passed away about 10-12 years ago. Going to pay respect in a big full proper Korean bow with the mooncakes i bought from SG. Kept watching how was it done on youtube these days.

Gonna finish some work before i head to bed. Good night !