I’ve been blogging about snippets of my life , K-beauty ( My Korean beauty buys ) and K-travel ( my trips to Korea ). These are the few things i really enjoyed sharing. Not only do i get to share , my readers do email me to share with me more too. Now , im sharing wedding preparation tips (K-wedding) and financial stuff with some readers.

There’s a chinese saying that goes ” there is only lazy woman in this world , there is no ugly woman “.

A woman not only have to learn how to take care of her appearances ( no need to be too pretty but at last look presentable and clean ) but also take care of her own finances. Since young , people have been telling me that a woman should keep her own 私房錢 ( “secret” account ) without the man knowing and you should not let the man know how much do you have. In the event if something bad happened , you have something to fall back on.Hmmm…i wouldn’t say it is wrong. But of cos , you need to learn how to keep the funds properly and let it accumulate smartly. Also, that “secret” stash of funds is not just for you. It can be used during emergency needs for your family. It is always good to have some cash with you so that you are at least “financially secured”. But you have to do it smartly.

Now that i am in the financial planning industry , i met and also planned the finances and savings for people from all walks of life. Last week was a busy week for me and im happy to know how my clients accepted me to plan for a big part of their life.

In this industry , facing rejections and objections are common.

But i decided to be positive about it. Instead of looking at rejections and objections , i look at it positively at how some people accepted me to plan a big part of their life. That is what that keeps me going.  Having worked in a private bank serving the high net worth and seeing how they actually grow their wealth before , i used the knowledge i learnt and share it with some of my prospects.

Last week , i met a client of mine who is a 22 year old student to help him plan his savings and finances. Most students at that age will be spending their allowances at cafes , clubbing etc. But he told me that he regretted not starting his savings plan during army days. Because during army , he doesn’t spend and saved most of his monies in the bank which generate very minimal interest. He wanted to do something for his future with his savings and allowances. The trust he had in me for his savings first head start motivated me to do it well for him.  I can say that i am a disciplined saver and there are certain things and methods which i only share with my clients and prospects. So i won’t elaborate more in my blog

Btw , he is single. Lol. If i know any good 22 year girl i will definitely introduce to him. Because he is very sincere and far sighted. Already planning for his future now.


-Coffee , talks and planning with a young client-

I will name the subject of the financial posts in my blog as “Smart Lady” .

Not only must a lady know how to take care of her appearances but also know how to manage their finances.
If you know how to manage your own finances  you can help out your other half with their finances too.

If you need any second opinions or any questions on K-beauty , K-travel or financial matters , feel free to email me at peonykissblog@gmail.com .