Last 2 weeks were busy weeks meeting many people and i fell sick for a few days. Down with sore throat because i talked too much over a weekend and the hot and hazy weather is not helping.

Im not sure if you have watched this movie but if you have not , you should. It is so nice and touching. I watched it twice. One reason was because i watched it from the male lead’s point of view on the 2nd time and also the male lead is so hot please. Lol. My type which looks abit bad boy and tanned skin.





I actually cried in the movie. Watched it first time with my sec school classmate and the 2nd time with my BF. I guess he must be thinking im crazy when i gushes whenever the male lead Wang Ta Lu appeared in the scene.

Go watch it if you have not.


Weather is abit hot now adays and my eye shadows and eyeliners “melted” off quite fast. So i decided to start using the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Stick Primer. I love this primer because it is very convenient and very cheap. Only KRW 6,900. My eyeshadows stays on longer and also it is very easy to apply on the eyelids. This is something you should get if you go to Korea. I only bought 1 stick and im going to stock up during my next trip. This is definitely worth buying and stocking up.


Just twist and turn and there is no need to sharpen.


The haze is making my skin dry and dull these days. And i just started to use this anti-aging and whitening mask from Cel-Derma which my bf’s mum bought for me. I love this because i can feel and see that my skin looks clearer after use. This mask is a little different. It looks exactly like the one in the packaging.



This is something you can try to buy from gmarket.

Smart Lady

One thing i love about my job is that i get to meet people from all walks of life , occupations and people in different situations and life stages. It taught me to cherish what i have and also how to plan my future , finances and life better from other people’s experiences.

A mentor once told me :
” Do you want to live as a dignified and elegant lady or a grumpy old woman ? “

A dignified and elegant lady knows what she wants , what she needs to do to reach her goals and she make sure she act on it. Whereas a grumpy old woman procrastinates and even after a few years , she will still be complaining , procrastinates and nothing changes.

Have you ever wonder how come some of your friends get to enjoy going for yearly holidays , good food etc even though their income is not as high as yours ? Or have you ever wonder why some of your friends or people around you have alot of cash more than yours and managed to save alot even though you all are at the same age ?

That is because they know what they want and they save their money in vehicles which helped their money to work on their own. They commit to it.  They can use the extra cash which their money had generated for them to enjoy , have good food , travel and buy whatever they want without “touching” their capital. While you are still there procrastinating, their money are already rolling and growing.

Set aside how much you want to save before you decide how much should you spend.

It is never too early to start early.

More on Smart Lady and K-beauty in a few days time !
Went for a Korean hair treatment done by my hair stylist at Raffles Place and also my hydrafacial with Aeon ! Can’t wait for public holiday this tuesday. Time for beauty grooming.

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