Well , we are about 10 months away from wedding in Sept. But we have not confirmed the date and venue yet because it is difficult to arrange for everything in Korea since we both are based in SG.

Many people asked me “where is the ring” when they meet me. Or some will ask “how many carats” ? “buy from where ?”

But when i told them “no ring”.

Most gave a shocked reaction like “Why ?” or “No ring and you agreed to go ahead ??” or “Then what did he give instead ?”

And i cannot remember how many times have i explained and only the good and true friends get the more “elaborated explanation”. And im starting to feel abit tired answering to these questions.

People who know me well will know what have i went through few years ago. And that was partly the reason why i don’t see a diamond ring as that important. Infact i told my bf that i don’t need any ring. Save the money up instead for our future together. Let’s do a saving plan for our future.

That was why now im just planning a simple wedding affair. Most importantly is that we have to live happily and be contented. Diamond ring or not doesn’t matter.

Don’t know why but i felt very grown up these days or should i say more practical ?

I used to go shopping buy clothes , shoes or even make up once every 3 months but lately i hardly even shop or buy anything. Buy only when it is spoilt. Perhaps it is a occupational hazard. And also it doesn’t sound right if i don’t do what i preach right ?

Time flies and it is year end soon. So much more to accomplish and so much more things to prepare and learn. Guess i can only start preparing for my Korean wedding when i go over in Spring next year. Photoshoots , wedding venue etc etc. Already missing my friends , food and everything there ! Cant wait !