Ok , im back to blogging !

I came back from Taiwan last friday and now im down with sore throat and a cold.

I realized i haven’t been active on my blog since November which was after my Korea trip because i was abit busy with wedding planning and also i fell sick once a month so i need more rest. I haven even watch Running Man and Superman Returns since December !!!! AHHHH !

Hehe..so im now back to regular blogging …because i just got a couple of new make up products from Korea and Taiwan and the wed planning are  I am still in the midst of replying all my emails at peonykissblog@gmail.com . Quite a number were asking about the online shop which i got the jackets from. I received several requests to blog often esp on beauty reviews. So yup ! You can look for more of such posts !

So i went on a 6D 5N trip with my colleagues and my first time to Taiwan.

Ready for lotsa photos here ! The page took so loong to load.

Taiwanese really look good. Every street and every corner , you will see good looking girls or guys.

Food was good and alot of shopping to do.

So when we arrived at Taoyuan Airport , our driver drove us to our farm stay. We stayed 2 nights at Cingjing which is near the southern side of Taiwan. It was snowing and we are so lucky to catch the first snow. We read on the news that it hasn’t snowed like that for decades. So we are so lucky !

On our way to Cingjing , we stopped by 2 rest stations for food and toilet break. One thing we must do when we arrive in Taiwan is to eat the street food. DAMN NICE AND CHEAP.

I had milk tea and cripsy chickens everyday when i was in Taipei. I am still craving for them even though im back in SG now.

DSC02700 DSC02698 DSC02701

After our first rest station and toilet break , our driver drove us to this restaurant near our farm stay. It has a spectacular view of the mountains. So nice and the food was soo good. Plus the weather was very cold so we all felt shiok having hot soups.

DSC02711 DSC02713

Here’s the view from our seat at the restaurant. Because it is open air , so it is VERY cold.

DSC02709 DSC02708 DSC02707 DSC02704

Only 6pm and sun sets.

DSC02720 DSC02722

Popby the nearest 7-11 to grab some drinks and snacks before we check into our farmstay.

 DSC02725 DSC02723

Our farm stay.


We had a good night sleep. The weather was so cold and showering is such a torture lol. It was sub-zero degrees at night.

Guess what , we were woken up by some sounds and when we looked out the window , it was snowing !

Our hands were freezing ~~~





Coat , beanie , scarf , knit top , leggings etc were all from Korea. Bought them online lol. Entire set cost me less than $100. I love my jacket. It has a layer of furry stuff that keeps me warm in this sub-zero temperature.

We were near the top of the mountain so it was really cold and windy. I couldn’t feel my hands and i have to keep them warm in my pockets.

DSC02752 DSC02753 DSC02751 DSC02754 DSC02755 DSC02763 DSC02765

DSC02770 DSC02779

DSC02769 DSC02772


It was snowing very heavily and  the road up to the top of the mountain was blocked by traffic police so we couldn’t go up to see sunrise. So we went to the night market for lunch and took a boat ride to island hop and had the famous Ah Po Cha Ye Dan ( Ah Ma Tea Leaves Egg ). Heard that she sold 25,000 eggs per day and now own 6 Ferraris. GASP!


DSC02812 DSC02808 DSC02805 DSC02815

DSC02820 DSC02817


 DSC02823 DSC02824 DSC02825

So this is the Ah Ma Tea Leaves Egg which is earning big bucks. To be honest , i don’t think there is any thing special about that egg nor does it taste extremely good. I think the ones sold at our Pasar Malam is better. But don’t know why she can sell 25,000 eggs per day and ended up soooo rich to own 5 Ferraris and big houses.

DSC02834 DSC02833


So cold and we decided to go for spring bath at night. Feel so shiok because the water was sooo hot and warm.

After the spring bath we went back to our farm stay, we had some drinks and games before packing and sleeping . Because we were leaving for Taipei on Monday ! Ahhh just one week ago , i was at Taipei’s Wufen-pu and Raohe night marketing eating and shopping to my heart content !


Woke up in the morning to sight of beautiful white snow again ! And this time , we checked out and ready to go to Taipei !

Looks like in Switzerland right ?

DSC02839 DSC02846 DSC02840






Ha…im gonna just load up to here and continue tomorrow. Im going to sleep soon and at the rate that the photos are loading , i think it will take another 2 hours ! So many photos take in the grassland at Cingjing , shopping and food in Taipei , Korean / Japanese / Taiwanese make up buys and reviews  and the new treatment i just did at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Centre which leaves my skin soooooo smooth. I can’t even feel any bumps or pores on my nose now ! There is the latest treatment and it really leaves my skin very smooth. I like it ! Alot of beauty and make up reviews. I just started using anti-aging products !

shall go to sleep while the photos are still loading ..Good night !

To be continued….