Realized that the Smart Lady post was published in “private mode” which i usually put when i drafts my posts.

Well , April was another busy month for me..preparing for my wedding photo shoot and preparations and my work.

I am leaving for Busan on Wednesday and my shoot will be on 2nd May. Well , i will be helping my bro with the translation at his photo shot on 29th April. This trip gonna be a busy trip. Because there are alot of things to settle. The first place im going to after i touched down is to go to the hanbok tailor shop and bridal shop to try my dresses and tailor made my hanbok. And the list goes on like meeting the planner and my wedding hall..and the food tasting is on Sunday. So many things to settle within 10 days. This time will be a short trip because Mr Shin went back for few days in March and he cannot use up his leave. He needs to take leave again in Oct for our wedding.

Well back to Smart lady.

This month , i met alot of ladies and some of them became my clients and quite a number of them are young adults and middle aged ladies.

2 of them are very young ..26 and 27 years old respectively. They looked very healthy and happy but no one knows that they contracted an illness ( 1 of the critical illnesses ). One had lupus and another had brain tumor. They had looked for me because they wanted help with their life insurances and savings.

Going to the end of first year of my profession, i have encountered clients with Lupus , high blood pressure , hypertension , high cholesterol , fatty liver , intestinal obstruction, chronic fatigue syndrome and other health issues/disorders.
And they are all under 35 years old and the youngest is 26 years old. One of them told me that she regretted not speaking to any financial advisers to do up any insurance planning because she thinks that if she can live up to 25 years without any health issues , there should not be problem. But last year, she was diagnosed with a critical illness that makes her want to relook into her insurance and financial planning. She is only 26 years old this year.

These meetings made me thought alot about life and that is to be happy , cherish everyone around you and be kind.

Because unexpected things may happen and they can come crushing down on you all at once. I thought i was a strong person having to go through alot in my life but these ladies are stronger than me. Even though they are down with illnesses , they are still cheerful and kind. And of cos there are times when they feel sad. They told me ” I was so crushed when the doctor told me the news..of so many people in this world why me ? why am i the one ? ” . It took them a long time to accept it and in order not to make their parents feel sad and people around them feeling sad for me , they try to live happily as if nothing happen. Going through treatment is expensive and tedious and draining but they still do it because they want to live and be with their love ones as long as they can.

And last few days , i have met up with some middle aged ladies who are in their 40s and 50s.

Some are housewives doing part time jobs and some have worked for a long time.

The housewives work part time hoping to earn their keep and savings. But they told me ended up the monies they saved were used to provide the best for their children and help their husband financially ( when they are out of job , retrenched or having financial issues with their businesses ). They gave up alot for their families. They told me how they wish they can have their own keep to pamper themselves and how they wish there are better access and vehicles to help them grow their savings in the past. Some of their husband control the finances even though the wife is the decision maker. We spoke alot and i also learnt alot from their life experiences. Learning from people’s real life experiences helped me to do better financial planning for other clients.

It is good for woman to earn their own keeps. We only live once, not only do we have to live for others but for ourselves too. Take some time to learn on investments and saving methods , earn and grow your own wealth. There are many avenues advices and help if you need to. And pamper yourself once in a while.

I guess im gonna stop here and continue more on Smart Lady in next few posts.

Gonna pack for my Busan trip ! Will post my Korea pictures !