This is one questions which many people has been asking me since beginning of the year.

Am i still continuing AE and any launches ?

I am going to take a break from AE at the moment. It is still running. There are part-timers handling the orders twice a week so no worries that nobody is processing your orders (twice a week).

So now , im doing a big clearance sale. Just added new items into the store and there will be 2-3 more to be added in.
All items are priced $5 – $10.  If you wonder im bringing those $5 quality clothes to sell ? Nope …it is the usual fabric that we have been using and just that now is a big clearance sale.

I have discussed with Oppa and also myself whether i should announce to my readers/customers about what am i going to do with and i think i should since many of them have been supporting me since i started it at 19/20 years old. Gosh can you believe it ?? when i was 20 years old ?? and i am 30 now ??? It is my baby and i would say i spent my youth in it. All started from loving shopping and love selling things.

Anyway will go into that further when i talk about #smartlady.

Shop your heart out now at .

$50 for 10 pieces ? Yes you can now shop at 🙂