Busan : My Family in Korea

We always enjoyed our walk and coffee at Gamcheon Cultural Village.

Here are some pictures taken at Gamcheon 2 months ago.

During our last trip , we rented the traditional 1960s Korean school uniforms for KRW8,000 per set at one of the souvenir shops. They have lockers and changing rooms for your to change and keep your clothes and belongings. It comes with the cap for the boys but i think hor…my hubby head too big haha ..cannot find his size sia..LOL !



So we went around Gamcheon village to take pictures and mimicked some K-drama scenes lol.

His no-socks/ankle socks look damn beng lor..very funny.


Already going to my 3rd year in the financial advisory industry in a couple of months’ time. Time really flies. Im turing 31 next year ㅠ ㅠ . Going into 3rd year soon..but i have some of my friends who said these things straight into my face “Wah you go find those lonely single men lah…sure want to be your client” , “All your clients are men right ? They see you chio so want you to be your advisor what”. Seriously, i didn’t expect my friends to say these kind of things to me and only after i go into this line , then i see the true colours of some of my friends. Sometimes they say these kind of things infront of my husband , i felt that they are disrespecting him also. Actually to be honest , these group of friends are not very close friends lah.

When i heard those things for the first time , i was angry . The 2nd time i heard such stuff , i was damn sian…then third time leh, immune liao…and i just replied them ” ya lor “. There is no point to login to my clients list system and show them that infact i do up financial planning for whole families , husbands + wives , babies , children , young adults , girlfriends+boyfriends, newly weds , mummies-to-be and single ladies. And these groups form 95% of my clientele base. If people want to talk about me..then let them talk lor….the more they say and gossip , the more stupid they sound.

No matter what job or work you do, don’t get involve in politics or gossips. Stay grounded and do your part. Stay away from negativity.

These 2 weeks were very productive. I met alot of mummies-to-be and young single ladies. Met up with some mummies-to-be to do up financial planning for them and their babies. I learnt alot of things and tips from them about parenthood and things to look out for during pregnancy. All these knowledge helped me alot in my work because i get first hand tips  and get to understand their concerns. There were some unfortunate cases and some happy news. And sometimes i will share those experiences (without mentioning names or personal details of course ! ) with other clients so that they will be aware also. Few months ago , i went window shopping at those kiddo shops that sell toys , necessities etc , childcare and tuition centres to understand the cost of raising a child instead of just looking at the provided statistics. Raising a child in SG is really not cheap. Doing these kind of surveys help me alot in my future family planning. Because we do have thoughts of sending our child to Korean International School (pre-school) infuture so he/she can learn 3 languages altogether. But sending a child to an international school is really not cheap but i believe every parents want the best for their child.

Well, you must be thinking …wah Peiling haven’t even plan for a child yet and already think so far ???!!!

Actually not that we are thinking too far…but whenever we meet up with friends or his Korean friends who are mostly married with kids , they will ask us these kind of questions eg “When will you send your kids to study?” , “How are you guys going to teach your child English , Chinese and Korean at the same time” etc etc..

So when people asked us these kind of questions, of cos we will start to think and ask ourselves lor.  Tio boh ?

Nevertheless,  we will work hard for our future hand in hand. Both of us are already in our 30s and we just want stability.


Talking about stability…i believe those in mailing list were informed that i decided to stop Agneselle already. 31st Dec is the last day of sale (GOODBYE SALE $5 storewide)  and mid Jan 2017 is the last day of operation (31st Dec to 17th Jan is to clean up). It is a difficult decision but i have decided to let go.