My life goals #sgahjumma

#SGAHJUMMA talks about her life and goals.

I was on MC for a week last week due to high fever + sore throat + bad flu. Drowsy medication made me “bedridden” for few days. Sleeping and waking up to nibble abit of bread , drink water , go to the toilet and back to sleep again. I think i slept too much because of the medication and my body was aching (lie on bed too long) but i was too lazy to even walk 5 steps to the living room. So i laid on the bed and look at the ceiling. It was the 4th day into 2017 and i was thinking about my 2016. It was already over…if anything did not go well , i just have to make sure i don’t make the mistake again in 2017. Reflecting is good but don’t dwell too much on it.

2016 >> Work was good..i achieved a certain milestone in my career..i got married…i made alot of new friends through my health (gastric and colorectal) wasn’t that good ( i have to go for a test every few weeks and on antibiotics )…went for a scan and test at gynae and im healthy and fine (ovaries and uterus are healthy and looking good)…i moved out with live with my hubby…more responsibilities (financially and personally)..etc etc. Everything went smooth except for health part. So i try to cook more at home, eat more fruits and eat less outside food ( alot of msg and salt ! ).

On the last day of New Year, our team had a small activity. We were asked what are our goals or dreams we want to achieve in 2017 ? And we were to cut out from magazines and paste them on a faux instagram A4 size print out.

Here is a private sharing of my goals and dreams. Instead of just planning for 2017 , i prefer to look further and beyond 2017 instead. Nothing material..but more on well-being.

Let’s start from top left..

I couldn’t find picture of a house or flat in the magazine. So i cut one of a hotel room from the travel page. Lol. Yes..i want to own my own home..a place my hubs and i can call our own.

Pictures of building and landmark ( also taken from the travel pages ) >> I want to bring my family to travel together with my hubs. The last time i travelled with my family was 20 years ago and it was to China. Better bring my parents to go overseas before they grow older and have problem with mobility.

At the bottom right is a bowl of salad. Haha i want to eat healthy and be healthy. My diet consists of Spicy and bbq Korean food for the past 3 years and now im trying to learn how to cook Chinese food. Those abit “qing dan” ones like melon soups , garlic kai lan , steam eggs etc etc. I find cooking Chinese food much harder than Korean food.

And then at the bottom left , there is the watch. I want to spend more quality time with my hubs and also i want to own a watch…i didn’t really have a watch before and i wanted my own. ( Saw a $2.8K Omega watch and it looks so dainty…but the housewifey and auntie-ish me think about what other thing can i do and buy with $2.8k….then the thoughts disappear liao lol.) Save that money instead and look forward to quality time with hubby.

Then you have the super big picture of a cute baby girl cut out. Yes, i want to have my own healthy kid. Reason why the pic of a baby is in the centre is because i want to do all the rest with my kid infuture.


What does the “This is your time” and “Different” wordings mean leh ?

2017 is my time to start to take baby steps to these goals. And lastly to be a different financial advisor to my clients and to provide different and more innovative financial and insurance protection solutions to my clients.

And also in my personal life , to create more different beautiful memories with my hubby.

2017 will be different from 2016. It is my time to make it better.

Here is a question i ask all my clients on our first meeting ” Do you have a goal and what are your dreams ? ” . It need not be something material or about work. A client of mine told me she want to be more patient towards her husband this year…so they have less arguments. This is a goal also.

Incase you do not have a goal or got lost somehow this year…ask yourself what do you want to do to make it better and what must you improve?

Jiayou everyone !