I don’t know if any of you felt the same way….haha but i stopped listening to songs from kpop groups after i hit the big 30 ???

I just screened through my playlist and most of them are OSTs.

Here are some of my most recently played ones :





Oh speaking of the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo drama’s OST , im so in love with this drama. I watched 16 episodes within 2 days during CNY holidays. This drama is so addictive. Made you want to watch one episode to another without stopping. Mr Shin NEVER join me in a drama marathon before but this time , he watched with me till 5am and we woke up at 10am again to continue leh !

I stopped watching Legend of the Blue Sea after episode 14 . The storyline got very draggy and dull after ep 10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was sooo much better and more interesting and i don’t understand why their rating was so low. If this drama’s timing did not clash with Legend of the Blue Sea, i bet this drama will be a huge hit. Plus Nam Joo Hyuk is soooo shuai. I thought he was 27/28 but didnt know he is only 23 this year ?



This is not an OST but one of the tracks from Yoon Mi Rae.



This was one of the shortlisted songs for my wedding video actually. OST was from one of the REPLY drama series.

I change my play list once a while if not keep listening to same song will sian.

Spring is coming soon and many people are heading to Korea for holidays.

If you are going to Busan , you can visit this URL to check out the places to go and how to get to those place !


I am also drafting a list of places to visit in Busan..may take sometime to do so because i am still digging out my old pictures to include in that post 🙂 Hopefully i can finish it before end of Feb for those who are going over in March/April for the cherry blossoms ! I promise k !!!

This is the first time Oppa and i spent CNY together as a married couple. First day of CNY was a busy day..and we gave out Ang Bao too !

And on the 4th day of CNY , we went back to work !
What a coincidence , my colleague and i wore the same top bought from Temt to office ! We even wore similar looking black pencil skirts. We both did our lashes at Lush Lab @ Bali Lane too !

What is CNY without steamboat ?
So on the 8th day of CNY , my bro + sil , my hubs and i went to my parents’ place for dinner.

Sooo many dishes…23 dishes ! Cannot finish and we dabao some soup and dishes back home to cook for next day’s lunch lol.

And i also did one at my place with Kim Yong Jae oppa (hairstylist from Korean salon Dusol Beauty @ Cityhall ) and his fiancee Pamela who is a Singaporean and part of the #KBS (Korean Boyfriend and Spouse) chatgroup !


As i grow older , i cannot really feel the CNY mood. It is just another public holiday to me where i can rest , watch dramas , gather with family and friends. And also swiping my Taobao at night.

Saw these pretty dresses going on SALE !!!!!! Looks nice..but don’t know where to wear to lah..buy for next year CNY or don’t buy and save up ? Very cheap leh !

1539400996 1691188425

Getting these 2 for my Japan trip and going to keep them in Korea instead. I am planning to get some coats and tops to keep in Korea so that i do not need to pack alot of things whenever i go over. Now when i buy a jacket , i will get 2…1 to keep in KR and 1 to keep in SG so that i can use it when i travel other countries. Because whenever i go back to Busan , my MIL will pack alot of food and other things for us to bring back to SG and our luggage will be really heavy and overweight. So..im really buying some to keep in Korea..then next time when i go over , i do not need to pack and bring too many heavy coats.

This wool coat is only RMB 95 (SGD 20)


The dress and top combi very nice ! Very cheap..only RMB79 (SGD 16)


No more swiping liao..deleting the app off my phone and waiting for the mid year sale only !

Putting my night mask and saying GOOD NIGHT !


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  1. lisapeipei87 says:

    Hi Peiling, interested in the taobao items you posted, the red dress in particular. Can share the item URL or item name?

  2. Gem says:

    Hi Babe! Can you leave the links for the taobao sites you purchased the clothing from? I tried to search based using the pictures and they all showed prices more than 3 times what you mentioned 😦


  3. Julin Ng says:

    do you have the link for the wool coat?

  4. Peiling says:

    Which one are you referring to and can i have your email address ?

  5. Peiling says:

    Ahh sure sure 🙂 Shall do it next post.
    what is your email address ? can email you the seller name.

  6. Peiling says:

    Seller name is HEGO.
    The sharing function does not work on Android. So i cannot share the URL link.

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